Laxmi Mantras to worship Siyar Singhi

Keeping an energized Siyar Singhi in the storeroom or the place where food and food grains are stored, the safe or cupboard when cash and valuables are stored, in the cash counter in a shop or any other business premises is said to ensure that there is a marked improvement in knowledge, money and finances and food grains.

The Siyar Singhi should be worshipped just like the worship of other deities in the Puja-Place, in the morning, after having a bath.

If you manage to get a genuine Siyar Singhi, then first and foremost, it must be washed and cleaned with fresh and pure drinking water. Then it must be shown the same respect and reverence that is shown to the Goddess of Wealth and Plenty Laxmi Mata and wrapped in a piece of Yellow Colored Cloth and kept in the Puja-Place or the location mentioned above.

Offering Shendur [red vermilion] and red colored Gandham to the Siyar Singhi is considered auspicious and beneficial.

The following Laxmi Mantra are believed to beneficial while energizing or worshipping the Siyar Singh-
Om Shreem Shriye Namah ||
ॐ श्रीं श्रिये नमः ||
Om Mahalakshmyai Namah ||
ॐ महालक्ष्मै नमः ||

Even one chant of anyone of these two Laxmi Mantra chanted with full faith and devotion will be sufficient.

Both Satvik [pure and Tamsik [destructive] Tantric experiments can be practiced using the Siyar Singhi or Gidar Singhi, which is a horn of a mystical Jackal. The ones given in this post are Satvik Tantric Prayogs. More information on the Siyar Singhi in this post – Here.

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