Mantra to have a Darshan of Hanuman

Hanuman Darshan, meaning a vision, sighting or apparition of Hanuman, is the ultimate goal of any devote worshipper of Hanuman. There are many Tantric Sadhanas prescribed for the lifelong Hanuman Bhakts, aspiring to have a vision of Hanuman. However, most of them fail to achieve success, as the Hanuman Darshan Sadhana, involves a lot of courage, faith, dedication and only, a handful are believed to have succeeded.

One of the most important things is Brahmacharya,  meaning celibacy, and celibacy here means not only physical absenteeism from any kind of physical sexual activity, but also total control over the mind and not letting the thoughts stimulate the senses towards any kind of sexual desire. In short, the Brahmacharya should not be a voluntary suppression of sexual desires, but total control over the senses. Only such a person can succeed in having a Darshan of Hanuman.

A simple Hanuman Darshan Hetu Mantra Sadhana is given here in this post, it is uncomplicated, but the most difficult thing to succeed is mentioned above. The Sadhak having a burning desire to have a Darshan of Hanuman should practice this Hanuman Mantra Sadhana under a Peepal tree [Sacred Fig tree]. He should keep a fast on Tuesdays. That is all that is required.

The Hanuman Mantra, which is prescribed for the Mantra Japa, is given below. It is one of the more popular of the Hanuman Mantras and also one of the more effective ones.

Mantra to have a vision or sighting of Hanuman
Mantra to have a Darshan of Hanuman

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  1. Dear Sir,
    How many times we have to chant and for how many days?

    Amit Ranat

  2. Thank you for this guruji..
    Can we do it in the home ?
    i have a small hanuman temple in home

  3. Neel ji , how many times we have to chant and how many days ..

    1. The Hanuman Mantra given in the article is a Mantra to Meditate upon Hanuman and can be chanted as times or as long as the Sadhaka desires along with what is mentioned in the article.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This Hanuman Sadhana is specific to the sacred fig tree.

  5. Im extremely blessed to have interaction with lord Anjaneyar in person twice. He said that i will be cured of my illness in some time. Lord Anjaneyar analyzed my health issue and given me a solution.

  6. Om anjaneyaya vidmahemahabalaya dhi mahi tanno hanuman prachodayat.

  7. जनवरी 1975 के कल्याण के श्रीहनुमान अंक में प्रकाशित लेख "श्रीहनुमानजी का स्वप्न में दर्शन -एक अनुष्ठान "इस प्रकार है --यह अनुष्ठान 81 दिन का है .अच्छा मुहूर्त देखकर इसे प्रारम्भ करना चाहिए.प्रात :काल उठकर शौच ,मुखमार्जन और स्नान के अनन्तर शुद्ध वस्त्र पहनकर
    एक लोटा जल लेकर हनुमानजी के मंदिर में जाय और उक्त जल से हनुमानजी की मूर्ति को
    स्नान कराये .प्रथम दिन एक दाना उड़द हनुमानजी के सिर पर रखकर ग्यारह प्रदक्षिणा करे .बाद में नमस्कार करके मन ही मन अपनी कामना श्रीहनुमानजी के सामने रखे तथा उड़द का दाना लेकर घर लौट आये और उसे अलग रख दे .दूसरे दिन से एक एक उड़द का दाना बढ़ाते रहना चाहिए .41 वे दिन 41 दाने तक रखकर बाद में 42 वे दिन से एक एक दाना काम करते
    जाना चाहिए .जैसे-42 वे दिन 40 , 43 वे दिन 39 ...और 81 वे दिन 1 दाना . 81 दिन का यह
    अनुष्ठान पूर्ण होने पर उसी दिन रात को श्रीहनुमानजी स्वप्न में दर्शन देकर साधक की कामना
    पूर्ण करते हैं .81 दिन तक जो उड़द के दाने अलग जमा किये गए थे ,उन्हें नदी में बहा देना
    चाहिए .

  8. Please tell me how many mala and for how many days should i chant

  9. Deos thisbmantra fullfill wishes and how many times it deos it fullfill wishes and when lord hanuman goes and next time when i want his darshan back how to call him back to fulfill all my wishes

    1. If you suceed in getting a Darshan of Hanuman will will need nothing more in life and all your wishes will be fulfilled. You can start with 108 Mantra Chants using the procedure described in the post or even in your home.

    2. hii guruji please tell me can i do this sadhana at home on tuesdays .

    3. guruji can i chant this mantra at home? , and please tell me i chant this mantra how many times a day and when will i get darshan

    4. i m thinking to do hanuman chalisa 108 times will i get darshan in 108 times

    5. The Mantra Sadhana should be done under a Peepal Tree as described in the post. But you can chant the Mantra as much as desired because it is a most powerful and beneficial Hanuman Mantra.


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