Yantra [Talisman] to Prevent Travel

This is a Stambhan Yantra, which is prepared to prevent and stop the journey of any person, including a loved one or an enemy. In the Hindi language, this Yantra is called as the Yatra Stambhan Yantra or a Talisman to prevent travel. Given below is the method of putting it to actual practice.

The Yantra has to be prepared as shown in the image on a flat piece of any stone. A mixture of Gorochana [animal part found in Indian stores selling Tantra items], Kunkum [Vermillion Powder], Mansheel [the substance Realgar] and Hartal [Yellow Orpiment] in equal quantities.  A pointed wooden stick should be used to write the Yantra.

An Indian Yantra Spell to stop someone from travelling
Yantra [Talisman] to Prevent Travel

After the Yantra has been prepared, it has to be worshiped by offering it flowers, incense, the lighting of an Oil Lamp and offering it a sweet dish as Bhog.

Then a small hole has to be dug in the ground and the Yantra has to be buried inside that hole.

Note- Replace the word Amukam – अमुकं with the name of the person whose journey is intended to be prevented.

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