Future Genetic Improvements in Space

We really should expect that some future more liberal minded progressive Earth humans will want to become able to try some good genetic improvements over old evolved animals. Some such humans would certainly like health and disease resistance improved, while also getting aging slowed and partly halted.

This could be preferred especially by some folks not strongly convinced by proud old ancient religious proclamations of humans as if somehow having unexplained Supernatural Eternal Souls, fondly pretended as being able to forever live somehow in some magical Heaven, while conceitedly claimed to be completely Superior outside any other life form, (thus ignoring the simple truth that we have merely slight 1% DNA difference from simple plain old animal chimpanzees).

Back on Earth, religious conservatives were hatefully opposed against any extensive postponing of natural deaths. They argued that this would rob people of a normal chance, before long, at entering Eternal Blessed Heaven with God (Allah, Jahveh), Who instead might in Justifiable Holy Wrath have such violators against His Divinely Created Ways killed and condemned to Hell, to be eternally tortured by Satan. So best should be to kill them now, right?

Never mind that natural evolution has in fact slowly kept altering our prior genetics. This includes having been able last century to uncover some footprints and remains in Africa of quite primitive very ancient pre-humans, shown to have been gradually evolving more human, millions of years before God (Allah, Jahveh) was pretended to have created humans. And now, good that religious foes didn't know about the hidden new Luna L2 Fullball world gaining ever more improved healthy somewhat aging reduced happy moderns.

Expect that some Earth humans wanting at least genetically much improved babies will become able to secretly gain them, helped by some DNA research & developments experts giving private time to get some of this developed ever better. Such parents may safely establish their own secret ways to communicate encoded messages about any of this with other such parents and their children.

"Moderns" thus predictably aren't some silly dream. And then safely secure up in a Luna L2 Fullball world, secretly always totally hidden behind Luna, they would be free to try more enjoyable improvements. Moderns really should honestly be foreseen as a new future technologically achievable advanced human reality. Shouldn't we really honestly expect that many folks will want at least superior health with reduced aging? Wouldn't you want this for yourself or for some children?

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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