Future Humans will live longer and healthier

Some genetics R&D (research & development) experts continued in available time secretly devising more good cell and DNA improvements for "moderns" humans, (while most cautiously avoiding letting some violent conservative haters ever somehow learn much about any of this). Most such advances had been for starting new embryos. Increasingly more cell improvements could also be given to adults.

A frequent method to obtain a new DNA improved embryo was to revise some DNA parts in a specially composed single-cell embryonic human zygote (which will then develop through several stages as an embryo over an 8-week period). Such a DNA improved single-cell embryonic human zygote might first be helped to divide into good effective clone duplicates. These would be preserved for later possible use for producing embryos for future babies, maybe then being also given future even more advanced starting DNA improvements.

Improved "moderns" could live ever longer and healthier. To avoid becoming suspected of altered genetics, most moderns had been moving up into the high orbiting settlements before too slowed aging would get noticed. Settlers knew they should do their best to keep many common Earth folks satisfied that moderns were very helpful for improving products designed for use on Earth, offering better living for Earth folks. Otherwise some violent conservative religious foes against any changes away from what they loved proudly proclaiming had been God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Perfect Superior Intelligent Design of His Chosen top life form: Humans, might consider trying to have the high orbiting settlements destroyed, hoping to eliminate all moderns fled up into them. But they should realize that anything tried like that would have awful risks of chunks falling down to Earth, maybe partly destroying some towns or cities.

Improvements in moderns had also included getting rid of some old virus DNA clutter pieces long inherited from ancient human ancestors. Also some DNA for no longer active ancient genes was being eliminated.

Improvements had been recently devised which could increase some basic human playful fun pleasures. New children became more happily playful. Nicer to enjoy playing and daily living more! (Playing conveniently helped develop and refine good proper body movements coordination.) And then growing up and maturing became more fun, and more enjoyable for their good fond loving parents.

Some R&D experts had also had fun investigating childish giggly tickling. Normally it fades as one matures. But it's a cute bonus, usefully helping us develop into happy social animals. Could it be extended throughout adulthood (& possibly even be expanded)? When busy with some serious affairs, adults could evade getting tickled. But in purely playful free time it could sometimes easily add nicer giggly fun. Robotic serving devices up in the higher Fullball world very nicely permitted ample free time to much enjoy frequent happy playing with others. So maybe let nice playful fun benefits start getting also extended in adults to include retaining silly funny childish giggly tickling?

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