How Space Ring Seas were formed

As in Cyl Sea, heat in the Ring Sea upper atmosphere was converted into electricity for reuse. This cooled the upper atmosphere near freezing, helping circulate air and form clouds for occasional slow rain good for island life.

The turning axis for the Fullball world settlement had been established paralleling the orbit axis of Earth around Sol. This had been good for its Solar light converting big disks formed out on its two very tall axis towers, to let them be turned just once/year to stay facing Sol. So the 2 towers were greatly lengthened out much farther from the Fullball world to allow for the big shadowing from the new big external Solar light converting disk stuck out on the levitating frame to power Ring Sea.

All around Ring Sea were islands (floating) much like in Cyl Sea.

At one place in the ring was a heat insulated barrier allowing tropical temperatures on one side, polar on the other side. Thus better than Cyl Sea, Ring Sea could sustain, around its 1,250km (777mi) surface cumference, more global sea variety, and nicely various seasonal migrators like some birds, whales, sea turtles, penguins, walruses, etc. The seasons were simulated by annual changed daily artificial sunlight intensities, shining tilt directions, & daylit time spans. Resulting differing sea water temperatures helped circulate all the Ring Sea water.

Big air fans at the sides, (well screened to protect birds, butterflies, etc.), generated extra breezes and helped circulate air. Well protectively screened undersea water fans also usefully helped circulate sea water.

As in Cyl Sea, rotation was only what was needed for half Earth weights, to keep Ring Sea easier to build and support. Sea life didn't care much since they lived floating effectively almost weightless. As in Cyl Sea, birds and island life could love how easy it was to fly, jump, etc. And those visiting islands prefered only half Earth weight. This also made it easier to hold an extra thick good special insulating layer safely enclosing all around the outside.

To enjoy visits here, settlers could reach Ring Sea by special space vessels kept outside their Fullball world. Like Cyl Sea, many settlers liked visiting Ring Sea, getting nice enjoyed tastes of life at sea on Earth.

Earth folks liked learning about Cyl Sea & Ring Sea. What neat ways to begin saving some Earth life, now orbiting high with settlements! This improved how many came to like having such settlements orbiting them high and expanding. This tempted ever more to consider moving up to the high orbiting settlements.

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