Ring world for trillions in outer space

A spherical Fullball world or slow spinning bigger disk world isn't the biggest possible achievable single world for future many magnitudes vastly bigger expanding populations Hugely bigger freely floating settlement worlds could in fact be formed as ring worlds of full ring radius comparable to an inner planet's orbit radius, (while shaped like a simple ring around your finger). This would be best around a dim small star which will age very slowly and never expand like Sol to some eventual much bigger hot size.

Possibly as our galaxy collides through the edge of the Andromeda galaxy in 4.5 billion years (4,500,000,000yrs), we &/or some aliens might choose to move to such selected long term far safer smaller stars maybe passing close by.

Such a ring world would be given proper slow turning orbit speed around the small star. Have many cable spokes likely no longer than the ring's orbit radius, (thus stretched passing safely less than 1/7 of orbit radius towards the star), stretching across between ring places to stabilize its ring shape. Out at the ring, orbit rotation would balance and effectively cancel weightless inside the ring world the attractive force in to the central star.

A cross section disk circle through the ring can safely have, like for a Fullball world, a circle radius maybe about 135km. Stuck out above and below the ring would be very many starlight energy converting slow spinning disk films kept facing the star to provide electricity.

If made for an orbit of maybe 10,000,000km radius, (1/6 of Mercury's orbit radius around much bigger hotter Sol), the ring circumference 62,832,000km,slowly circling the small dim safely slowly evolving simple hydrogen fusion star in maybe about a year, would allow, for 100m x 200m x 4m vol. per person, total population 45 quadrillion people (45,000,000,000,000,000)! That's 9,000,000 times Earth's population before R. Buckminster Fuller died (1983)! 9 million Earths?

Wow! Wildly unlivably impossible on any inhabitable planet! Or if that vol/person estimate was triple what's really needed, thanks to better food plant genetic varieties producing more food most months, while there aren't farm animals here consuming farmed plants, nor pests and other animals harming such farmed plants, then the ring world could have 135 quadrillion inhabitants!

There could even be more than one such different radius ring world around a safely small never too hotly expanding star. (Yes, such ring worlds would have some problems: each would first need lots of source asteroids, while taking maybe even centuries to assemble one such ring world from orbiting parts.)

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