in/out of homes cylinders

In a Fullball world's homes cylinders, homes shared balcony rings circling around outside. You could leap out from one with air scoops to start easily air swimming off to other places. You'd first glance up to see if the supporting cable plus utility lines would safely be not too close as you jumped out. If turning just past the cable, you'd safely have a minute to jump out and avoid it.

If careful, you could air swim fast enough to drift close enough with quickly folded compact air scoops (maybe strapped to wrists), grab a passing railing post, and swing inside into such a balcony ring. Speeds you'd have to grab into for the outer balcony ten levels would be increasingly speedy 2 2.5 3 3.4 3.9 4.3 4.8 5.2 5.7 6.1 m/s (1.6m/s at the outer 4th level of the central axis big play area). If too fast for you air swimming in, you could land in an inner level, then lightly take steps down to the level you wanted. If trying to transport in (or out) some massive load, you could instead land nearly weightless near the axis, then take a lift down to the level you wanted.

How do you take a lift down from a spin axis, then compensate for your increasing spin speed lower "down" in a homes cylinder? That would at first propel you and any luggage to the lift cage's ceiling, then soon shift you to the side trailing the rotation direction. But a lift cage was made to rotate to keep "down" usually under your feet, by having its front corners in a ring it could turn inside, likewise its back corners. There were hand holds in the lift cage's sides and straps available on the sides to help keep things as wanted or simply to grab onto. Out farther from a homes cylinder axis, this became less of a problem.

If while air swimming you accidentally drift approaching close to some other spinning cylinder, then since you'd be essentially floating weightless, the light breeze from that cylinder's spin would safely tend to breeze you away.(Or if drifting a bit too close, you could quickly kick or push away enough from it.)

To air swim carrying things, just put them in a back bag or net, leaving your hands free to air swim. In a future bigger Fullball world there'd be air tubes which could blow you places, or in a big enough world there'd be public transportation such as big vacuum tubes with frictionless tracks able to efficiently accelerate virtually weightless vessels, and then regenerate electricity while getting decelerated to make periodic stops.

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