Yes, balloon world settlement

The investors who'd had the single big cylinder settlement robotically made orbiting Earth for interested folks to move up to had become quite successful. It only needed a very tiny fraction of Earth humans to fill it.

More on Earth could then become tempted by this. They'd want to likewise enjoy fun living in space, partly thanks to good tempting glimpses sent down to Earth showing folks up there having much fun plus easy living, thanks to fractional weight and virtually free serving robotic devices.

The settlement investors considered how to have much more living space now created, better than a cylinder settlement or any considered small asteroid settlements. As some settlers had pointed out, a sphere is the most efficient compact shape to contain some volume, thus reducing what's needed to construct much increased living space. This might be called a Fullball balloon world (FBW), the name suggesting a ball world filled full of homes, farms, etc., & honoring architect/futurist R. Buckminster Fuller's schemes like more efficient apartment buildings such as tall cylinders, also geodesic domes like big slices off a giant sphere, very good for sports. (He died 1983.)

This would efficiently be much better than more settlement cylinders or several future proposed remote small asteroid settlements. The investors in settlements thus had their robotic refining and construction site on their convenient metal-rich (M-type) asteroid reprogrammed to start making and sending here what was now wanted. Pieces were sent for an outer protective spherical shielding shell to have an internal cable network to hold in the balloon's atmosphere against the outside space vacuum. The cable network would also hold axes of internal homes, farms, and other not fast spinning multilevel cylinders.

Conveniently between such cylinders, settlers would be able to easily air swim virtually weightless, likely using hand fans or air scoops. This would be a simple easy and even a fun way to visit friends in nearby homes cylinders. Big bags of asteroid materials netted 2m thick around outside would serve as good extra thick shielding against cosmic radiation and space debris, (most smaller than sand grains and having little velocity difference from other things nearby orbiting Sol), also as heat insulation against frigid cold outer space.

After forming a balloon shell, inject air from nitrogen and oxygen isolated from asteroid materials. Light weights in farms nicely lets genetically improved plants easily grow extra needed food in effective soil specially mixed from asteroid materials, using water from ice and refined asteroid materials.

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