Bigger Asteroid Space Settlements - Part 2

The 200m radius now bigger 20 level Space Settlement can have a horizontal not too big running cylinder inside a couple levels, spinning enough to give you outward effective weight. Enter at its axis from above or below, then take steps out to the wide loop you want to run around. One horizontal loop in this can give you Earth like weight, A loop outside that would give you extra weight. A loop inside these would offer lighter weight.

The direction you run around would give extra or less effective weight. Running here daily might help improve physical health. Also there should be medications you can take to compensate for living almost weightless.

In a 2 level park children and you too could have playful fun maybe even daily effectively air swimming with hand fans or bellows or air scoops. (This would exercise arms some.) Children could lightly jump up and air swim all the way across a 2 level park. Some there might have fun playing air swimming touch-tag. Some might sometimes race across through the air with others.

Weighing almost nothing, air swimming through a convenient set of openings through the levels or simply a jump might often be the quickest way to go up or down between levels. A set of openings might be conveniently formed like a steep giant stairway, each "stair" being the next level. This might have steep railings you could pull up on or lightly slide down.

No need for any cushioned seat nor soft mattress in any such small asteroid settlement. Sleep very comfortably just wrapped in a blanket almost weightless on the floor if you like, effectively softer than on any bed back down on Earth. And enjoying sex should often be almost tireless, easier and gentler than under Earth gravity.

If ever you want to return to Earth, vessels folks came out here in should have suitable wings to skim into Earth's atmosphere, then glide to some airport.(New eager arrivals from Earth would soon move into your emptied home up here.) Out of Earth's many billions, more may choose to enjoy fun living maybe for decades in an asteroid settlement, or maybe permanently. So such now bigger better settlements could gradually fill with settlers plus their children.

These Asteroid settlements would eventually need to somehow be expanded even bigger, ready for future folks. The expanded collection of robotic refining and construction equipment would over years accumulate what would be needed.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask .If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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