Amazing lifestyle in cylinder space settlements

In the new big cylinder settlement's central park area, you could easily lightly pull yourself high up a rope, open air scoops, then air swim around near the axis almost weightless! You could float weightless a while if you swam opposite to the cylinder's rotation around the axis. (About the same could be done by easily pulling yourself one direction around in one of the net play cylinders close around the axis.) Watching such playing, many on Earth were almost amazed and extra tempted. They couldn't do anything like this on Earth!

The best you could do down there might be merely swimming in water. In water? The park up here had a good swimming pool plus a wading pond. Thanks to the fractional weight here, you could easily jump up from the diving board, float briefly to a stop, maybe curling into a ball to turn over more than once, and lightly dive to enter the water. Swimming here was easy, such as on your back. You could swim briefly under water to then rise from the water, and then slowly dive back in. Some seeing that were reminded of dolphins or whales filmed leaping up at the ocean surface, to then dive back in.

Since those interested in possibly moving up into a space settlement were only a minority out of Earth's billions, it wasn't surprising that their outlooks differed noticeably from more general average Earth folks, being more liberal. This could show at times in what they did or how they dressed. When at the pool or lying with a best companion on the grass, some up here might enjoy being in a tempting minimum which on Earth could induce complaints from some ordinary folks. But up here, few would be bothered much by seeing this. In fact they might enjoy seeing some temptingly being only lightly dressed.

Many on Earth, especially conservatives, were uninterested or opposed to any thought of moving up into a space settlement. Why do so? They were living ok down on good old Earth, good for humans. Abandoning Earth would cut them away from old folks and their extended families, also away from many friends contentedly staying back on old familiar Earth. And many disliked any new advanced robotic devices doing work free. That would rob many folks of jobs needed to earn salaries to pay for all their needs.

Views up here were shown in homes. Viewers down on Earth were told that the fractional weight meant cushioned seats weren't needed. Sit on a plank if you like, almost as lightly softly comfortable as on a well cushioned sofa or bed down on Earth. Some views showed partners enjoying fractional weight caressing, hinting at possible relaxed happily extended sex before long. This unsurprisingly tempted some more interested viewers down on Earth. The investors were increasingly pleased. Success!

Now more such big cylinder settlements could be made. (This isn't some wild dreamy science fiction. This could all really end up being done. Such orbiting Cylinder space settlements could really become much enjoyed by lots of folks.)

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