Home remedy to cure Jaundice

This is another one of the Simple Remedies on common diseases and illnesses. This is a home remedy which is said to be effective in curing the illness of Jaundice.

The following ingredients are required-
21 leaves of the Castor Oil Plant without stem
11 Green Cardamoms
5 teaspoons Sugar

A paste of these 3 ingredients has to be prepared without putting water. This paste has to be divided into 3 equal parts.

1 part has to be taken every day on any empty stomach along with raw milk [not boiled] for 3 days.

This procedure has to be repeated after 21 days for 1 day only. For this a paste without using water has to be prepared of –
7 Castor Oil leaves without stem
3 Green Cardamoms
2 teaspoons of Sugar

This paste again has to be taken on an empty stomach along with raw milk.

Lime has to be applied on the nails of thumbs of both the feet.

Note – This is not a replacement for any existing medical treatment and is given here for information purposes only.

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