Tantric Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Vashikaran Mantra which is normally used by Tantriks to bring a woman under their spell of attraction.
The procedure to practice this Attraction Mantra is thus-
On any Saturday you have to take the dust from beneath the foot of a woman [that is the dust from the spot where the woman was standing].

You have to get some hair of that particular woman.
Then you have to prepare a doll and apply the hair and dust to that doll.
Then you have dress that doll in a dress made from blue colored cloth.
Then you have to apply some of your semen on the place where you perceive the vagina of that doll could be.
Then apply some Sindoor [red colored powder or paste of Vermilion applied by married Hindu women on their foreheads] on the vagina of that doll.
After following the above procedure you have to hold that doll in your hand and recite this Mantra 21 times, this will bind that doll with the mantra. The word amuki [ अमुकी ] has to be replaced by the name of the woman.
Then you have to bury that doll on the left side of the house of that woman.
When that woman crosses the spot where you have buried the doll, she will come under your spell of attraction.

Om namo kamakhyaa devi amuki may vashyam kuru kuru swahaa ll
ॐ नमो कामाख्या देवी अमुकी में वश्यं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ll

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  1. guruji I am loving a girl since 7 years and even she was loving me lot but since one year she is telling me to leave and marry other girl I dont know the exact reason but she still loves me a lot and even she cannot live without me nor me live without her, now she is staying in her home town Shimla, Himachal Pradesh it is difficult to get her dust from beneath her foot and hair, so what i can do to get back and marry her and have a very happy family with her
    Ravi Kumar

  2. gurujee if there is no place to bury this doll in the left side of the house is it bury in right side also ????

  3. Guruji mujhe koi aisa msntra btaiye jisse mai apne msnpasad larki ko apna bna saku

  4. Babaji I got married in 2010 and I live in Lucknow and it was love marriage and i thought that Iam very lucky that I got girl of my choice but very soon all problems started coming,my wife started behaving very rudely to me.And after that we got seperated and she moves to her parents home.Babaji after the I had love affair with my cousin brother wife name PRIYANKA BHATNAGAR from Noida and we loved each other very much and this goes on for one year and suddenly some problems came in my business and I due to mental stress and problems I could not be able to contact her and after 4 months i contacted her and then she said that she dont want to talk with me and she blocked my mobile number.

    Babaji I love her more than my life please babaji do something so that again I can get her love otherwise suicide is the only last solution is left for me.Please help me.

  5. Do you offer paid consultation please ?

    1. This is a free online service open to all and no form of paid or private consultation is offered.


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