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Mantra to control a Ghost

This is a most unique Attraction Mantra which is prescribed for the Vashikaran or Attraction of a Ghost. Acquiring mastery over this mantra can make you attract and control a Ghost.
The procedure to be followed in this experiment is-
This experiment has to be commenced under the period of the Mool Nakshatra [ Lambda Scorpio ]

Everyday take the water which is left over after washing your backside after having toilet.

Water the trunk of the Babool[Acacia Nilotica] tree with that water and then recite the Mantra given below 108 times, this should be done continuously over a period of  40 days.

On the 41st day the texts says that the Ghost will appear before you and ask for water. Here you have to without getting scared take a promise from the Ghost that you will give him water provided he appears before you whenever you remember him.Then give him the water by watering the tree.

Thereafter the Ghost will appear before you till the day he keeps getting the water, he will obey your orders and be under your spell of attraction.

When you stop watering the tree the Ghost will stop coming when you remember him.

Artwork of Bhoot text
Bhoot Art

Om shreem vam vam bhum bhuteshwari mam vash kuru kuru swahaa ll
ॐ श्रीं वं वं भुं भूतेश्वरी मम वश्यं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ll

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  1. @ Pandit Mohan : Kya aap ise iske saare vidhi ke prakar kie the ya kuch galti kie the? Kyun ki jaise ki isme kaha gaya hai ki "This experiment has to be commenced under the period of the Mool Nakshatra [ Lambda Scorpio ]" .... So if you were started it in period of another Nakshtra that's why it was not worked for you.... Kya aap is baatka bhi dhyan rakhe the ya nahi?

    Kyun ki I also want to try it, so maybe your experience and suggestion helps to me.

  2. period of the Mool Nakshatra [ Lambda Scorpio ]

    ..plz explain me about this ....

    (Water the trunk of the Babool[Acacia Nilotica] tree with that wate)...i dint get this lines plz make me understand

    1. I'm trying to figure this out too. I found this site that lists the days of the Mool Nakshatra period for 2015 here:

      As for watering the trunk of the bamboo tree I think it just means pour the water over where the trunk or the stem of the plant meets the soil.

    2. Sir it's not a bamboo tree it's babool tree also call keekar in haryana , punjab , rajesthan and up (india)

  3. 18 jan 2015

    mool nakshatra period..

    babool is one of the tre

  4. how to control sex thoughts and sex feelings.. through mantra please help me..

    1. There's this mantra by Hanuman that helps control sex urges it may help. Om kāma dahanāahya namaha

  5. Neel Sir,
    How do we remember a ghost or supernatural entity? Is it just like remembering a human being? That is, remember his/her image or his name in our mind, correct? Please provide the details on this. Thank you Sir.

  6. You'll have to take three promises on forty first day when they ask for water. Like You'll have to come whenever I call you, You'll do my biding whenever you're told to, and so you wish.
    Tantra shastra even states if practitioner do this above sadhna for six month then they can rule more than 20 ghosts.

    1. Kapil Sir, Where can I see more info like this post on the internet? I'm into Yakshini Sadhana very much and eager to gather the info as reference.

    2. Does the ghost know English or Malayalam or Tamil? Do I have to learn Hindi for that? Lol, I know it sounds stupid...

  7. I've been on this for around 2 years, and still been crawling into others but in my research Neel sir(Admin of this website and contributor) has contributed lots of rare mantras, Sadhanas, Remedies and talisman's or Yantras, Every sadhna has detailed here. And as you asked if there's any website for bigger help in Yakshini? Well I haven't found any, Neel Sir has posted many rare mantras, But there's one thing needed to explain about chanting mantra of God Kuber before performing Yakshini sadhna as Kuber rules over Yakshini as Indrajaal scripture states.

  8. Hi, I am new to this site, today i got a dream that person behind me has called a ghost by putting some ornaments in a small box which is contented wax in the box, when ghost came near him, i was shocked and asked him what is he doing, he replied me that he has called that ghost, i was shocked and got up from that sleep. pls tell is any thing wrong in getting such dreams.

  9. mantra is for reciting. But what is the bhoot art used for.

  10. Can it be done to a babool plant at home?

    1. Yes, the Mantra Prayog can be done under this plant at home.

  11. Johar ali shinwari is my fb name.any one if know about ghost please inbox me

  12. Sir, can this mantra be used to invoke the ghost of a particular person who has deceased? 🙏🏻

  13. After watering babool tree, do we have to chant the mantra in front of the tree or can we come back home and chant the mantra 🙏🏻


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