Kanimozhi arrest meaningless

DMK MP Kanimozhi the daughter of DMK Supremo was finally arrested today as her bail application was rejected by the Special CBI Judge O P Saini. Kanimozhi has been charge sheeted in the 2G Spectrum Scam involving Rupees 176,000 crores, India's biggest scam uncovered so far.

The arrest comes after she was charge sheeted on 25th April as a co-conspirator. A long time indeed for the ‘arrest ceremony’ to take place. Another glaring fact, which I feel is mystifying, is why she was arrested after the charge sheet had been filed. Why did the CBI not arrest her while the investigations were in process? Why was she not remanded to CBI custody and interrogated, as is the norm in such cases. Now Kanimozhi will be sent to judicial custody and no interrogation will take place. Looks like a nice resting place in jail. All this sounds meaningless.

Makes one wonder if this massive looting and CORRUPTION scandal will be put into cold storage and left to die its natural death. That Kanimozhi like her DMK colleague, the former Telecom Minister A. Raja and other accused in judicial custody are just pawns is crystal clear. The masterminds are still at large; no one even mentions the possibility of their being arrested. It is unthinkable that mere company employees could indulge in corruption involving thousands of crores, while the promoters knew nothing.

Another mystifying thing is everyone talks about the entire matter being sub-judice and avoids commenting about it. Dr.Subramanian Swamy has moved an application in the Special Court seeking home minister P Chidambaram inclusion in the charge sheet as an additional accused. Now Chidambaram is the person who controls the CBI.

All of this is getting murkier day by day, the pawns being arrested after the charge sheets being filed. The kingpins at large, no one talking about them. Probably the New World Order Controlling India knows best.

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