New World Order Controlling India

This is a continuation of the post by our guest blogger who highlighted the indications of How will NWO affect India?.I would like to point out that the New World Order has already taken control of the Indian system of Governance, and this has been so for quite some time now. The economic liberalization of India, which started in 1991 rapidly, accelerated the process of the total take over by the New World Order.

A casual glance at the Indian News headlines since October 2010 will convince even a layman that the exposure of loot taking place, the cover-ups and the indifferent attitude of not only the Government, but also the opposition has deep roots. The orchestrated scenes in Parliament, the fixed debates are an indicator that these guys who the Indian public thinks rule India, are not in control.

The representatives of the New World Order in India, comprising of a handful of industrialists and top Political dynasties know that their key to ruling India is aiding and abetting the Root of corruption in India .Their continuance in power as Emperors revolves around the weapon of exposing the Corruption and misdeed of those who get too big. With the entire state machinery at their disposal and an overwhelming chunk of the media enslaved and castrated, the other looters have no option but to fall in line.

The recent fuel hike the 9th in 9 months, the latest being the biggest and that too just after the state assembly elections show just how concerned this ruling cartel is about the INDIA. The game plan is simple, keep the masses so involved in meeting the basic needs for survival that they have no times for anything else. The only people who get some scraps thrown at them are the less than 1% of the population comprising of the parasites like sections of the media and the Bureaucrats. The next 5% are given some concessions but they get ripped off in the Indian Stock Markets and real estate. The next 95% struggle for survival so they just do not matter.

Anna Hazare's Movement the only major movement to combat corruption in recent times is coming under all round fire from servants of the cartel. The civil society representatives are being targeted so as to scare away others who try to follow their example.

A very bleak picture of India, the Indian public has to combat the takeover by the New World Order at any cost. As time, passes by it will start getting more and more difficult.

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  1. Difficult times indeed. Petrol at Rs. 70 is crazy!!

    Kindly join this group :-)
    Awareness of the NEW WORLD ORDER

  3. Thanks for the invite; will join your group when I open a Facebook account, don't have one as yet.


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