The May Destruction

As we await THE MAY EARTHQUAKE predicted by  Nostradamus as well as being documented in the Bible Prophecies, I have made some images of how this giant earthquake which in all probability will trigger off a massive Tsunami in its wake. The quake is most significant as it will herald in the coming World Climax.

These are the Prophecies which inspire the people who predict the 21 May Judgement Day prophecy. These prophecies are undoubtedly inspired by Nostradamus. But Nostradamus does not disclose about the year in which the May Earthquake will occur. It could happen any tine now or in the month of May in the years to come. All one has to do is wait for the May destruction.
3D Artwork Image of Nostradamus Image of May Quake
Nostradamus Image of May Quake

Artwork 3D Image of Nostradamus Destruction by Earthquake
Nostradamus Destruction by Earthquake
3D Artwork Image of Nostradamus Great Quake
Nostradamus Great Quake

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