Dear readers I now bring to you the predictions made by NOSTRADAMUS in his Centuries regarding natural disasters and earthquakes the frequency of which will be on the rise and which will be accompanied by Global upheaval.

Mars & Mercure & l’argent ioint enfemble,
Vers le midy extreme siccite
Au fond d’Afie on dira terre tremble
Corinthe,Ephefe lors en perplexite.
When Mars, Mercury and Moon are in
Conjunction towards the south and there
is a great drought. An earthquake will be
reported from the depths of Asia both
Corinth and Ephesus will be in a confused State.
May Earthquakes predicted by Nostradamus
May Earthquakes
This quatrain has not been fulfilled it will be fulfilled when mars, mercury and moon are in conjunction and there is a severe drought at this time there will be a massive earthquake in the depths of Asia which I take to be the Indian subcontinent and there will be trouble in Greece and Turkey.

Le trembelment fi fort au mois de May,
Saturne, Caper, Jupiter, Mercure au beup,
Venus auffi Cancer, Mars en Nonnay,
Tombera greffe lors plus groffe qu’vn euf.
A very great trembling in the month of
May, Saturn in Capricon,Jupiter and
Mercury in Tarrus,Venus in Cancer, Mars
In Virgo and hails will fall bigger than egg.
Here Nostradamus describes a massive earthquake in the month of May, which will happen accompanied by severe hailstorms, which will be larger than eggs. One has to keep a watch on the astrological conjunction described in this quatrain.

Earthquake Image Art on Nostradamus
Earthquake Image Art
Sol vinget de taurus fi fort terre trembler,
Le grand theatre rempli ruinera,
L’air,ciel&terre obfcurcir&troubler,
Lors l’infidelle Dieu&fainctz voguera.
When the sun in twenty degrees of Taurus
There will be a massive earthquake. The great
Theatre full will be ruined, darkness and
Trouble in the air, sky and land then they
Call upon the faithless God and saints.
This is another unfulfilled quatrain with an astrological description, which will occur when the sun is in twenty degrees of Taurus that is twenty days after the sun has moved into the sun sign Taurus that is May 21.This appears to be an earthquake of massive proportions when it seems like even God has deserted mankind.

V’n regne grand demourra defole,
Aupres del Hebro fe feront affemblees,
Monts Pyrennes le rendront confole,
Lors que dans May jeront terres tremblees.
A great kingdom will remain helpless
Near the Ebro they will gather in assemblies.
The Pyrenean mountains will console him
As the earth trembles in May.
This is another one of the references to the May earthquake, which has been made by Nostradamus
These quatrains suggest that an earthquake of massive magnitude will strike the earth and it appears that this is the period of Global turmoil and wars when the system, which we are in at present, will fail completely and the very structure will undergo a drastic change.

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  1. Hey man nice work but its upon the guy who interprets or decodes it

  2. thats right these prophecies have been interpreted countless times i have given my interpretion the way i see it happening which it will


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