Nostradamus and Hindu Eternal Life

Nostradamus as explained by him in the prophecies, visualized the events occurring in the future by way of a secret method, which triggered off the state, in which he was transported into the future.  The prophecies of Nostradamus contain another Quatrain, which comes close to the Hindu philosophy of Adavaita or the Oneness of everything in the Universe.

Nostradamus Century 2-13
“The body without a soul is no longer in sacrifice. At the time of its death, it prepares for rebirth. The Divine Spirit makes the soul rejoice as it sees the world in its eternity”

One of the basic principles and teachings of the Hindu way of life is that the indestructible and eternal Atma [Soul] is a part of the Divine Being [God]. The soul never dies, it simply changes bodies, the same way, that  human beings change clothes.   The same cycle goes on and on and the soul keeps on evolving until it reaches a stage when it becomes Godlike and the finally merges into God and becomes God, at this point the evolution of the soul is complete and its endless journey comes to a close.

This eternal state of existence, called Advaita or the Nodual state of existence has been experienced by the great Indian Sages like Adi Shankara, who was the greatest exponent of Advaita. In this state, the soul becomes one with everything and everything becomes one with the soul. The soul becomes time and time becomes the soul, there is no life and death, strife and struggle, only a state of eternal bliss. This state has been described by Adi Shankara in his composition the Hiranyagarbha Sutka, where he describes the Golden Womb of life and creation.

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