Nostradamus Prophecy on Space Mission

Did Nostradamus visualize the first pioneering space travelers leaving the earth on an exploration mission into the unknown? This Nostradamus Quatrain,  given below,  most likely describes the take off, from earth, of a pioneering and landmark space mission in the near future, leaving the atmosphere of the earth and venturing into unknown territory.

Nostradamus Century 1- 81
”Nine will be separated from the human race, away from judgment and advice. Their fate sealed as they depart. Kappa, Theta, Lambda, dead, banished and cut off”

This Nostradamus prophecy is unlikely to be an incoming alien landing on earth as popularly believed.  It does not also describe a failed space exploration mission.

Kappa Draconis, Theta Draconis and Lambda Draconis are stars in the Draco constellation. The nine space travelers [volunteers] leaving on such a mission, have most certainly sealed their own faith, they will never return to earth and will forever be cut off from humankind.

The Draco constellation known by ancient Greeks astronomers as the Dragon is the center of many legends regarding alien life and alien civilizations. It appears most likely that the mission of this spacecraft is to make contact with these alien life forms.

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