Will Barack Obama start World War 3

A very interesting Nostradamus prophecy linking Barack Obama to World War 3 is given here. If this prophecy is waiting to be fulfilled somewhere in the near future, then it could only apply to Barack Obama. The two Quatrains are certainly linked to the start of World War 3 and the intermediate period; when war rages. Will Barack Obama initiate and start World War 3?

Century 10 – 71 “ The earth and air freezes a very great sea, When they come to venerate on Thursday. He who comes will not be as fair to those who come to honor him”

This Quatrain is a description of the after effects of nuclear explosions; the earth and air freezing the atmosphere. The only dark man today or some point in the neat future that fits the description is again Barack Obama. This description had been previously been linked to the third antichrist; if both are the same person, this must  be watched carefully.

Another closely related Quatrain is also given here – Century 10 – 73 “The present time along with the past will be judged by the great man of Jupiter.  Too late is the world tired of him, disloyal through the oath taking clergy”

This is an adjoining Quatrain, so chances of it being related are high. If one looks at the astrological combinations in Barack Obama’s horoscope according to Indian astrology, then Obama became the President of America, during the Dasha of Jupiter; this is the beneficial planet in his horoscope. The great man of Jupiter could be him.

Nostradamus; like always, does not give datings, but leaves it to the interpreter of his predictions to date them.

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