Try this to cure Liquor Addiction

I have been getting a lot of requests to post a paranormal remedy or a Tantra, Mantra Sadhana; as a cure for liquor addiction and abuse. These requests are mostly from the wives and loved ones of the liquor addicts. More than the addict, it’s his loved ones who suffer the most and find their lives a misery. It’s for such people that this Indian remedy is given; this can be tried along with the ongoing De-Addiction treatment.

The remedy may sound strange and funny; but that’s how most of these paranormal remedies appear; you can try them, if you believe in them and the cost is negligible; almost free.

On any Saturday or Tuesday, prepare 5 Ladoos [small round balls; sour lime sized] of Rice Flour. Then rotate these Ladoos around the head of the drunkard in a clockwise rotation. This done give these Ladoos to a Black Dog to eat. While giving the Ladoos to the Black Dog, it is important not to make eye contact with the Dog.

This experiment has to be done for 1 month or 43 days. This means on all those Saturdays or Tuesdays which fall during this period.

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  1. Sirf head pe hi rotate Karna hai ya head to toe and kitne baar rotate Karna hai or rotate karte time koi wish bolna hai ya koi mantra ya phir kisi bhagwan Ji ka dhyan Karna hai.....

    1. Rotate over the head is what the posr says.

  2. Kitni baar rotate Karna hai ....... number of rotation post me mention nhi hai.........koi mantra ya koi prey karni hai ya nhi he bhi .........please reply.....

  3. Sir or madam
    i am jitender kumar and i am 20 year old .
    I feel very stress every time and phobia , fear and very weakness in my whole of body some times i feel i am mad and my mind is always confused where are i am now what i do etc etc .
    I chek up to doctor ,
    doctor saidyou are epsolutily fine and says you take any tensions .
    But in actual i dont take any tensions .i feel any body oprate my mind and they forced me do for that
    Pease give me any kind of solution about it my provlem what i do .
    Its better for me if you replied back to me in hindi language .

    1. You could try any remedy or mantra foe nervous tension or phobia, there are many published on this site.


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