Thinking brains in future children

We should expect that as more parents come to like being able to have new babies started with some of our best selectable developmental genes being found, it should likely seem good to many to have their children tend early to be extra likely to enjoy playing with others, well before beginning to mature. Early playing is usefully good for more than just having fun daily. It is of course quite helpful for early proper useful muscle developments with good body movements coordination.

Also childish playing is good for helping develop our most useful social animal tendencies, long helpful for advancing ever better cooperative human happy cultures, (while also more widely spreading many of our ever better technology advances, especially over the last few centuries).

Also selected for producing such fine genetics children would be any gene versions found seeming more likely to result in better properly developing good intelligent learning and thinking brains . Many parents would of course unsurprisingly want more to be improved for their possible new beloved excellent chromosomes children than just some better health and diseases resistance.

Several skillful good human DNA R&D (research & development) experts should be expected to extensively research and study, and then find some of the best such useful genes versions plus gene controlling sections in chromosomes, good for better brain developments, found within varieties of our past human primate natural evolved chromosomes.

We should expect that some newer families, paying to gain such good selected natural human genetics advanced children, might like visiting other such improved families. Then as the parents would enjoy times together maybe discussing many interesting developments and recent news, or watching entertainments, while maybe snacking or simply sitting together, then their children could easily often have much simpler good playful fun together.

As such children keep learning more in school, they would acquire skills using interactive computer networks to access libraries and some data sources. They would learn how to easily select at home and view daily or weekly some good entertainments. Also they would become skillful at remotely contacting others, and also have some fun playing some easy or even challenging games.

This would give a good way for such children to easily find more children of like ages living not far from them, good to go visit to have fun sharing time with. Also such computer internet communications, letting them find other like minded children, would promote enough skills to let them later be permitted to enter secure encoded somewhat secret networks created for growing numbers of genetically nicely improved still purely human recently matured adults.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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