Mantra for Spiritual Bliss

Finding real bliss and happiness in the Kali Yuga; full of contradictions and pulls in opposite directions, is the quest of a lot of people trying to find peace and harmony in their lives. The long and hard to pronounce Sanskrit Mantras are sometimes difficult to practice for most and there is also the problem of trying to find time.

A short mantra for Spiritual Bliss is what is given in this post; this mantra is a powerful kind of spiritual meditation for the common man; to find that elusive bliss. This mantra can be meditated upon at any time in the day or night; at home or work.

Another way to meditate is when you retire for the night; you can meditate upon this mantra as you go to sleep.

Indian Peace Mantra Chant for Spiritual Bliss
Mantra for Spiritual Bliss

The meaning of this mantra is “I am one with the ONE, who is Spiritual Bliss”

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