Mohini Mantra using Tilak

This is a Mohini Mantra of attraction which makes the use of a specific Tilak to achieve success in attracting everyone; including friends and foes. The Sadhana is not very difficult as the mantra need to be chanted 10.000 times to gain Siddhi over it.

After getting Siddhi the use can be done in two ways; both serve the same purpose of attracting Love and affection of all those whom you come across.

1] Mix Gorochana, Sindoor and Kesar in the juice of an Amla to prepare a thick paste. Then infuse this paste by chanting the Attraction Mantra. Then put a Tilak on your forehead; it is said in the Tantra that wherever you go with that Tilak on your forehead people will become attracted towards you.

1] Oil of the seeds of the Tumbha plant has to be extracted and then it has to be applied on a cloth wick and light. Then Kajal has to be prepared from the left over. This Kajal has to be infused by the mantra and applied on the eyes. The spell of this Tantra is the same as the one given above.

 तिलक द्वारे मोहिनी मंत्र प्रयोग इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 
Mohini Mantra Experiment Using Tilak in Hindi and English

Mohini Mantra using Tilak to cast Voodoo Love Spell
Mohini Mantra using Tilak

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