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The Indian way of life has no origin; it’s the way of life of humanity as the maker indented it to be; evolve naturally! The natural evolution; a step at a time is the only path to the discovery of the final dimension.

The Indian way of life, apart from going into the very depths of spiritualism, also gives utmost importance to material needs, essential to lead a satisfied and contented worldly life, including the acquisition of wealth, money, health, progeny, marriage and a blissful married life.

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  1. pranam guruji,....kripya bataye "ॐ नमो त्रिजट लम्बोदर वद वद अमुकी (नाम) आकर्षय आकर्षय स्वाहा" kya ye mantra apne boyfriend ke lie use kar sakti hu jo one month se mujse contact me nahi hai

  2. Bala yakshini sadhna ke bare bataiye

    1. I am also searching about her. Aapko iss bala yakshini ke baaremein kahan pata chala

  3. Namste guru ji mujhe aise mantr ke bare me bataiye jisse shatruon ka aisa sarvnash ho ki dobara ankh utha kar na dekhe Kyonki mere ya meri beti ke kaun shatru hain pata nahi par hum dono bahut baar marte marte bache hain aur kab tak jinda rahenge ye pata nahi pl pl pl pl pl sir help me mere apne shatru hain par proof nahi Hai isiliye sir har tarah ke shatru known unknown unke liye mantr batayen jo saral ho aur mai ghar me hi kar sakuon coz maai kanhi bhar bhi nahi ja sakti pl pl pl help me......

  4. How to search my own voodo doll ,can police me?

  5. Voodo spell se bachne ke upay btaye jo saral ho

  6. Hello Guruji how I we attract jai rakasi (or) jai bagava in our home I am waiting from your replay Guruji please mail me on this mail id

  7. Can a woman be an officiating priest?

  8. Neel Sir,

    I learned about breath meditation from you which was so easy to follow and is very helpful. And so can you kindly also clarify kriya yoga meditation technique. Looking into kriya yoga meditation, it seems like they have classes, schools and years of study that's needed to master 6 stages. Why is kriya yoga which was discussed by krishna himself so complicated. I assume human beings have turned it into a complicated process to make money and so in your opinion, was it originally a simple method/procedure. Even Yogananda in his "autobiography of a yogi" hid it and didn't explain it, why hide it? I would really appreciate your explanation and a simple procedure for this technique just to try it out and see if it helps me

    1. Kriya Yoga as taught by Yogananda has a Guru-Shishya tradition that is taught in a step by step manner, which might appear complicated and like some diploma course.
      You can see the simple explanation given in the Bhagavad-Gita, which means that It is essentially the observation of your own breath, like a neutral observer.
      The basic meaning given in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is almost the same, which is to still the mind.

    2. Thank you very much Neel sir, I am doing the stilling the mind meditation according to your guidance.

      I have further question though, we believe in NON-dualism but then there have been many saints, gurus and maha-purushes in recent times such as Lahari mahasaya, neem Karolin baba, sai baba, and bada mandir guruji( delhi) and many others. The guru-chela relationship is clearly evident in their life's work. so how does non-dualism fit in with this.
      So when we ask such gurus for help and we get it, who is really giving us the help since non dual means gurus and such are all an illusion and we are all ONE entity.

    3. Neel sir,

      Thank you very much. i am still very confused about nonduality. Is non-dual just another name for GOD, and so most of us are right now DUAL since we are not God BUT when we clense ourselves of karma and merge with god then we become non-dual. Kindly give me your thoughts since I also believe in great saints who can help remove our karmas and become non-dual. Saints such as sai baba, guruji of bade mandir in delhi, lahiri mahasaya, neem Karolin baba and others who are definitely beyond me since they are highly evolved compared to the DUAL stage I am at.

  9. Namaskar guruji. I have only recently started reading your posts and i am so happy i did . My family have so much problems and i did not know who to turn to , but bhagavan guided me to you. Thank you again and again


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