Aliens Watch

Aliens! A real intriguing topic; one wants to know more and more; one does not get the answers.

For a few years now this site has been closely watching and monitoring this subject. A few prophecies including those of Nostradamus have been interpreted and will continue to be interpreted.

Apart from this we are featuring a scientific study on Aliens by our Guest Blogger “I was.A.Member”. Kindly watch this space for more and contribute your knowledge if you wish.

Nostradamus predicts aliens will be uncovered
Nostradamus - purpose of uncovering of aliens
Nostradamus Prophecy on Space Mission
Nostradamus Prophecy of Alien Invasion of Earth
Bible prophecy on aliens
Bible Prophecy of Alien Invasion
Prediction of alien sighting
Aliens on earth?
Are interstellar voyages of aliens likely?
Interstellar voyage problems that aliens could face
Sexual pleasures key to the survival of aliens species
Aliens could come in a 3D balloon world settlement
The Robots of the Aliens
How to Detect Alien Broadcast
How to translate Alien TV Broadcasts
How to translate alien TV Voices
How to send TV Greetings to Aliens
Stars that can evolve advancing Aliens

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  1. Any mantras is their to get rid of guests

  2. hello sir your blog is very good .thank you very much for writing such blog and very helpful .keep up your posting sir may god bless you sir . but for this alien subject i know from common sense there is in this( universe is much bigger though nasa scientists uses randomly the word univers but fact is our galaxy"s diameter is 170000 light year ,just a tiny dust particle in this universe while their space ship takes 7 months to reach mars they even dont know about own glaxy and even they totaly unable to see other half of milky way ) lots of aliens /living beings (tangible) present. its also common sense rakshas were very developed civilisation in terms of our modern era from medical,defence,and economicaly and were also present till end of mahabharat war and bhivishan was present but such a developed technology vanished before parikshit era while as per data no big natural calmities happened that time?

  3. Any Mantras for call An Angels for help


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