Aliens on earth?

In the past, claims, by a few, of supposed evidence of aliens reaching Earth, never presented one convincing credible photo nor gave even one clearly alien product or material. Even in SF (science fiction) groups, few really believed them. Those giving such claims could all have actually been just making up untrue stories, at most sometimes presenting unconvincing rather fabricated evidence, maybe just hoping to win some publicity, or to maybe win a few gullible admirers. Scientists, astronomers, technicians, and our general public were left little convinced by any of this. Claims by a few that they had encountered aliens never seemed to carry any good evidence.

Never answered well was why any proclaimed aliens might have been doing so well to stay hidden. Why should all supposed aliens mysteriously seem totally afraid of ever openly revealing themselves? (Just to strangely keep such SF dreams less believable by many of SF's hopeful audience folks? But why should they prefer that?) If aliens had technology advanced so well that they could reach Earth, (thus much advanced beyond our past human technology), then such superior aliens should have no credible reason to fear us and keep themselves hidden. True? In fact, shouldn't they likely instead actually delight in interacting with us and helping us nicely advance?

While it wasn't impossible, many folks had thus been left rather dubious that aliens might have sometimes been here on Earth observing us, and might possibly have even been contacting some of us, (& possibly even now be in contact with a few of us). Also many folks were rather doubtful that for some strange reason aliens might have approached Earth at least in hidden ways, and might have secretly been (& perhaps still are) observing us. What could they be so cautiously afraid of? Such claims by a few, of aliens carefully staying hidden, never presented satisfiably reliable independently testable evidence. Thus such presented aliens have so far seemed to be at most just imagined dreams originating from SF stories, merely imagined to entertain some folks.

A few folks do fabricate exceptional (false) claims, maybe seeking to grab interest impressing or at least entertaining some others. Right? It was quite credible that some folks making any such claims might in fact have actually been enjoying some fun deliberately concocting quite false stories of their imaginary aliens.

On the other hand, who should be too strongly totally convinced no aliens ever came here? Possibly some could have been observing us even for millenia (& still may be doing so)? There are lots of things which most of us are sensibly satisfied are true, even though most of us never personally encountered nor saw any convincing evidence. Correct?

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