Most powerful Mantra for Business

This is a Mantra from the oldest Indian religious scripture the Rig-Veda; the origin of which is believed to be divine. Hence for this reason I would consider the Mantra for business and problems related to business which I am giving below to be the most powerful Mantra for Business.

The recitation of this Mantra has been advised to be commenced on any auspicious day for the best results. Other there is no bar; it can be commenced on any day. The recommended number of recitations is one Mala or 108 times.

Most powerful Hindu Mantra Chant for Business
Most powerful Mantra for Business
This Mantra is suitable for those who wish to smoothen all problems relating to their business, like problems for authorities and freedom from debts and also to recover bad debts.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Do we have to recite this mantra daily or only once?

  2. Dear Guru Ji,

    I am facing problem in my business since I started it five years back. I provide services related to IT. Initially it run smooth for 4-5 months. Then suddenly it started falling without any reason. My old and happy customers stopped replying and disappeared. No new customers even after putting lots of efforts. Still I keep continue with my hard efforts and got few new customers who were ready to give work and finalized the layout of the work with them. But when the time came for payment to start the work. They disappeared for no reason. This continue for 6 months. Then someone told me that its seems someone has done black magic on your business ("aapka kaam baand diya hai"). He directed me to a priest and I visit him. He also told the same and did something (mantras) to remove it. And I was surpriesd to see from next day I started getting reply from all the customers. And also started get payments.

    That time it was for continue 6 months. I am still facing the same problem again and again. Its not for continue period like before. But it happends in between again and again for 12-18 days in a month. I am fed up of this since I started my business. My all the customers stops reply suddenly. New projects get final but when the time come to start. Customer stop reply. Customers willing to send payment but something stop them from doing. It happens not only with one customer but with all of them.

    I am very disappointed and also have loan and debts to clear. I am continue putting my best efforts but still it become very hard to earn bread for my family.

    Please help me and guide me what I can do to make me and my business safe from such wrong doings of enemies. Please help me to get permanent preventive solution for this black magic.... Please guide me to suitable mantras.

    Thanks in Advance..

    1. The first thing is to get the negative feelings from your heart and approach life with a positive spirit; this ensures that half the battle has been won.
      You can chant the Sai Baba Mantra and feeling that the negative emotions are being plucked out from your mind and body.
      Soon you will start feeling a difference.

    2. Dear Guru Ji,

      Thank you for your reply and guidance.

      I will surely follow the path showed by you..

      Once again thanks!

  3. Dear sir i want audio of most powerful mantra"Om Bhurida Bhuri Dehino Ma Dhabam Bhurya Bhar
    Bhur Ghedindra Ditsasi
    Om Bhurida Hyasi Srutah Puruja Shur Vrughan
    Aano Bhajasva Radhasi" Please let me know where its available. thankyou

  4. Hi my self anusha my husband is in USA planing to start restaurant in tirupati with his friend we are from hotel management background but no business experiance am so fear to start but works are going planing to open on January.pls Guruji kindly give ur blessings&mantra to success in business and profit also.t Hank you

  5. Namaste. Could you please advise if the English version with the word Dabham is correct or the Hindi font which has दभ्रम (Dabhram)
    Thank you for all the hard work you have pit in on this site to help people.


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