Vanaspati Prarthana

This is a morning prarthana or prayer dedicated to Vanaspati. This is an ancient prayer.In the Hindu religion in India Vanaspati is the presiding deity of the plant kingdom.

The ancients depended on the numerous plants and herbs for not only food; but also health. These ancients discovered the curative and life saving properties of the numerous herbs found in nature, and hence treated these herbs with reverence.

This Sanskrit prayer is a deeply profound and spiritual in nature. One can have an insight into the lifestyles and thoughts of our ancestors through this prayer. This prayer is recommended to be recited in the morning after having a bath.

Ancient Indian Vedic Vanaspati Prarthana
Vanaspati Prarthana
Vanaspate! Please grant us life, strength, success, radiance, servants, wealth and also the divine knowledge to know and understand Brahma.

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