Sexual pleasures key to the survival of aliens species

As "moderns" genetically improve their living beyond old evolved human limits, then at least some or most should be expected to want more and improved living pleasures. Why deprive themselves of happily enjoying living more and better? The same may similarly be sensibly true of successfully advanced aliens.

So why should our SF (science fiction) keep presenting future folks or aliens as strangely being mostly coldly obsessed with technical advances and little more than coldly rational logical complex thinking? Might not many also sensibly want to enjoy living more, while even being enjoyed extra?

So why be just coldly rational? That's because such restricted SF thinking had largely come from quite understandable wishes from our SF writers and TV & movie producers to carefully avoid ever letting SF end up getting criticized badly and restricted due to some religious conservatives. Many conservatives insisted upon various laws restricting too free thinking about some pleasure seeking living, especially if it might often include better sex for good pleasures. Some such conservatives around the world may even be violently opposed against ever permitting too free thinking within any of a nation's more liberal minded subpopulations. Thus SF simply played very safe and carefully avoided future sensual pleasure tempting diversions.

But such long existing limitations for realistic SF possibilities, for alien thinking and living, and also for our future advancing folks, aren't very realistic. We really shouldn't expect aliens and our future folks to merely exclusively limit their free time interests to only coldly rational high tech matters.

It seems more rational to expect that many or most future folks, and likewise aliens , gaining ever more free time in their technologically advancing worlds, will in fact quite reasonably prefer maturing with good available living pleasures not hard to happily repeatedly enjoy with special beloved companions in their ever healthier happier advancing future fun good living.

Already today lots of people like giving time even daily for good pleasures and varied entertainments. And yes, sometimes one of the strongest enjoyed key pleasure forms is that which had been most importantly very vitally needed to let us continue to be a surviving genetically evolving advancing species: that's right: sex. Without good sexual pleasures, we might not have kept surviving and evolving for millenia by producing all the needed new generations of our fresh slowly helpfully evolving young. The same may likely have also helped advance happier progressive interstellar alien species.

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