Early Morning Prayer to the Sun

This is a ancient Sanskrit prarthana of prayer to Surya Devta or the Sun God. Yes! The Sun God; for he is the only living God whom we can see. The earth and everything on it is a part of the Sun and exists solely due to him.

Having said all this why not remember him for a couple of minutes early in the in the morning by reciting this Prayer to the Sun.

Hindi Early Morning Sun Prayer
Sun Prayer

Morning Prayer to the Sun
The one whose form comprises the mandalas of the Rig-Veda ,
Whose body is the Yajurveda,
Whose rays form the Samaveda,
The one who is the creator and giver of life to the earth,
The one who is a day of Brahma,
The one who is incomparable and unconceivable,
I seek the blessings of that Surya Devta every morning

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  1. this is not good prophet666 prayer to the sun.stephanie curry.amen.

    1. You are obviously neither Hindu nor interested in being Hindu.
      While Sir Neel may be gracious enough to allow your comment, know that your limiting beliefs are not welcome to those of us who are Hindus and who also consider Sir Neel here to be a guide on our spiritual path. We don't expect you to understand the greatness of Hinduism if you weren't blessed enough to be born as one, but we certainly expect you to mind your own business and respect our boundaries by keeping your limited, limiting and fear-based thoughts and words about our spiritual practices to yourself.
      Your judgmental words define no one but yourself. Sad. You should consider finding something better to do. Like maybe go to church or sing a hymn or something.
      Om Om Om

  2. Surya namaskar (sun salutations) along with one of your previously prescribed Sun mantras have really made a difference to my health and well-being - physical, emotional and mental.
    Thank you dear Sir for the wonderful service you're giving to humanity through your work here.
    Power to the Divine, power to the Sanatan Dharma, power to Vedic knowledge, power to Hinduism and to Hindus.

  3. Neel sir whats the procedure for chanting it do we have to chant it ipon waking up or
    after bath


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