Surya Dev Aarti English-Hindi

The Sun or Surya is the most visible and important object in our life. Our very existence depends on the Sun, no Sun no life. The Sun for us is the fountain of life forming energy and creation, each and every living organism depends on the Sun for its existence.

Surya is widely worshipped in numerous ways in Hindu culture. The worship of the Sun with devotion will burn all your troubles, physical, mental and material and bring a new light into your life. All negative energies around you will be burned and you will be surrounded by pure and clean energies.

In Astrology also the Sun is considered as the father, the creator.

The Aarti of Surya-Dev is to be recited with love, devotion and a pure heart in order to reap the full benefits of Sun worship.
सूर्य देव आरती हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश
Surya Dev Aarti Hindi and English Text

English Translation
Jai Jai Jai Ravidev Jai Jai Jai Ravidev l
Rajanipati Madhaari Shatlad Jeevan Daata ll
Patpad Mann Madukaari Hey Dinmann Daataa l
Jag Ke He Ravidev Jai Jai Jai Swadev ll
Nabh Mandal Ke Vaani Jyoti Prakaashak Deva l
Nijjan Hit Sukhraashi Teri Hum Sab Sevaa ll
Karte Hai Ravi Dev Jai Jai Jai Ravidev l
Kanak Badan Man Mohit Ruchir Prabha Pyari ll
Nit Mandal Se Mandit Ajar Amar Chavidhaari l
Hey Survar Ravidev Jai Jai Jai Ravidev ll

सूर्य देव आरती
जय जय जय रविदेव जय जय जय रविदेव l
रजनीपति मदहारी शतलद जीवन दाता ll
पटपद मन मदुकारी हे दिनमण दाता l
जग के हे रविदेव जय जय जय स्वदेव ll
नभ मंडल के वाणी ज्योति प्रकाशक देवा l
निजजन हित सुखराशी तेरी हम सब सेवा ll
करते हैं रविदेव जय जय जय रविदेव l
कनक बदन मन मोहित रुचिर प्रभा प्यारी ll
नित मंडल से मंडित अजर अमर छविधारी l
हे सुरवर रविदेव जय जय जय रविदेव ll

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  1. Great great great! The Sun is so much more than some dumb ball of gas in the sky. Solar science underlines the point as it discovers the complexity of our source for the very light of life.This was intuitively obvious to all pre-Old Testament peoples who included the Sun in every pantheon of gods – often at the top. We feel great on a nice Sunny day for a reason! Thanks for the reminder.
    Greg Sams, author of the book, Sun of gOd.


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