What is Sound

Sound is nothing but the vibrations of the Five Elements Air, Water, Earth and Space. One can hear the individual sounds countless times every day. We pick up these frequencies without giving a second thought to them taking them for granted.

The sounds of the machines, the applications we use every day are a mix of sounds of the Five Elements. The sound depends on which element is present in larger quantities in these machines. The quality, type and frequency of the sound thus varies according to the kind of machine or application.

But why look at the machines; we can look at ourselves, the sounds we make when we speak, shout, cry, laugh, moan, when we are happy, sad or fearful. These are nothing but the sounds of the Five Elements of which we are made of Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space, which binds these four elements from inside and outside. The cumulation of these Five Elements is what you know as ME.

3D Image of Sound
The sounds made by living organisms more particularly by humans are the closest to the Universal Cosmic Sound. Om, Aum or ॐ is the Universal Cosmic sound. The sound Om is hence placed at the beginning of Hindu texts, scripture, prayers or mantras.

The Universe is a complete entity made up of the Five Elements; there is nothing else other than the Five Elements just like the human body or what you know as ME, which is also made up of the Five Elements. There is a fusion of the Five Elements in the human body and these elements are manifested live, the human body is nothing but a manifestation of the Five Elements.

Ancient Hindus were the first to truly understand the real nature of sound, the sounds made by the human body and its true power. There is a lot of confusion about what mantras and prayers really are, various explanations are given to the power of these chants by various persons without truly understanding what they are saying.

As I have said sounds are the frequencies of the Five Elements, humans make these sounds countless times every day without realizing it in totality. The frequency of these sounds depends on which element is coming to the fore. The body is trying to tune into that element or that unique frequency and this depends on the needs and wants of the body.

Those ancients who wrote the prayers, mantras and chants knew what they were doing. They had discovered the unique frequencies of the elements and were trying to tune into these frequencies. Thus, when you chant these prayers or mantras you must do so with a clean, pure and unbiased mind, which is most certain to lead you towards the solution of the problems, which you are looking for.

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