The Evolving Five Elements

The five Elements or Panchmahabhutas in Hinduism are-
Earth or Prithvi
Water or Jal
Fire or Agni
Air or Vayu
Space or Akasha

There is a predominance of one energy in most of the living organisms-
Birds have a predominance of the element of Air.
Fish have more of the element of Water.
Certain animals and insects, which live inside the earth, have a dominance of the Earth element.
Certain insects, which hover around fire, have more of the Fire element.

Even human beings have a predominance of one of the five elements in their physical and mental structure; in such cases, the qualities of that element are dominant. What is known till now about the qualities of the five elements are their lower qualities, the highest qualities are still unknown and it will remain so.

3D Image of The Evolving Five Elements
The Evolving Five Elements

These five Elements make up each and every object in the Universe. Each of these five Elements have two qualities one live and the other inert. The perfect fusion of these five elements gives rise to an energy, which is live and intelligent, which is called life.

Every living organism is a combination of the four Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air which is bound inside and outside by the fifth element of Space. When there is a perfect fusion of these five elements, the individual elements become alive and start converting more and more inert energies into live energies.

This process of conversion is what we call the cycle of reproduction. The live energy gives a relentless push for conversion of more inert energy into live energy, this relentless push is what we know as the Sexual Urge, which is more often than not beyond the control of most living organisms.

Hence, it is rightly said that the human body is a miniature Universe. The reproductive cells contain within them each of the five elements and the power of bringing inert individual energies to life.

The five elements are in a continuous state of evolution ever since the first Thprokaryotes appeared on earth 3.8 billion years ago till the time when the first Homo sapiens appeared on earth about 200,000 years ago. The evolution of the five elements will go on and on and the final intent product is known to the five elements themselves.

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