What triggers off Prahlad Jani's unique condition?

The Indian Sadhu in the limelight currently is one Prahlad Jani, 82 years old. What brought him into the limelight was his claim that he had lived without food or water for the last 70 years of his life.

He was put up on round the clock surveillance in a hospital in Ahmadabad, in November 2003 for 10 days and again he is being monitored not only by doctors but also by scientists from India's Defense Research Development Organization.

This is a welcome step as science is getting closer to spiritualism, which is possible in Hindu culture as there is no division or a wall between the two. Prahlad Jani's claim has been dismissed and will most probably be dismissed in the future by the 2 +2 =4 kind of scientists, giving all sorts of so called proven theories and explanations.

We live inside the thing the thing lives inside us, we are the thing, everything that we can imagine or what is beyond our imagination is contained inside the thing, so also is the peculiar condition of Prahlad Jani.

Ancient Hindu texts and scriptures are full of examples of Sadhus, Rishis and other meditators who have meditated for hindered and even thousands of years in a state of the deepest kind of Samadhi.

The doctors and scientists who are observing Prahlad Jaini are monitoring his physical and mental health, in the hope of uncovering his secret. No doubt, they will also be monitoring his brain waves. But I feel this will fetch limited or no results.

The key to uncovering the secret is Prahlad Jani himself, what the scientists have to do is to ask Jani is—
Unique Condition 3D Image
Unique Condition

What is the stimulation, which triggers of this condition in him.
Is it some Mantra.
Is it a meaningless sound frequency.
Is it some sort of unique emotion.
Is it a particular sensation.
Is it some particular odor/smell.

These are the facts, which only Prahlad Jani can revel. He has stated that he gets this power from a Goddess, but what of the above triggers of his unique condition. He should not be seen only as an laboratory object but as a partner by the scientists studying him, as without his co-operation further progress is not possible.

The real key to look for is the trigger.


  1. Good article Sir. What kind of conclusion did the team of medics and scientists come to on this case sir? Have they just let him be...is he under no observation now?

    1. Pralhad Jani is off the news, nothing is heard about him, if the medics learnt something, they are not telling anyone.

    2. as in an interview you have said the ones who know will never tell..ones who don't know claim they know :), shukriya Sir for your response.


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