I am the Five Elements

This is an extremely simple and easy to practice Meditation technique on the Five Elements. It is easy and simple yet it is the most powerful Meditation, which can be practiced by anyone.

This Meditation can be practiced at any time of the day or night. No specific posture or position is required.

These suggestions can be used like auto suggestions to sink deep into you sub-conscious mind.

I Am the Five Elements
Five Elements 3D Image
Five Elements
1] The entire Universe is made up of the Five Elements-Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space; there is nothing else but these five.

2] Air, Water, Fire, Earth make up each and every object live or dead in the Universe and Space binds it from inside and outside, every object lives in Space and Space lives inside every object.

3] My body is made up of the Five Elements, the Five Elements merge inside my body and become one, they emerge as a live entity, and this live entity is me.

4] My mind, ego, intelligence, thoughts, the emotions, the sensations I feel, the consciousness in me is nothing but a fusion of the Five Elements, the end effect is what I know as me.

5] My speech is the voice of the Five Elements.

6] The Sexual Urge which I feel is the push of the Five Elements, to create more fusion and come alive.

7] The Five Elements are in a continuous state of motion, of change, so is what I know as the body and me, as it is nothing but a blend of the Five Elements.

8] I am nothing but an outlet for the evolution for the Five Elements, the Five Elements change inside me.

9] I am like a purification factory, an assembly line for the Five Elements to purify, to merge and come alive.

10] The Five Elements which make up what I know as me are pure and clean, they are shinning in all their glory.

11] They are becoming more and more bright and powerful, I am glowing and shinning, I feel like I have become the Universe.

12] I have become one with everything and everything has become one with me.

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