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Hanuman Mantra to infuse Triphala Churna

The Beheda [बेहड़ा]; botanical name Terminalia Bellirica; commonly called as Beach Almond is a plant having diverse uses in Ayurveda and Indian folk medicine. There are also some myths associated with this tree and it also finds use in some paranormal exorcism rituals in India. The information given in this post is regarding its use in removing any kind of stomach diseases and ailments by infusing it with a Hanuman Mantra .

Yantra to Progress in Job

The work atmosphere is extremely competitive these days and with everyone trying to progress, move ahead and get promotions there is little room at the top for everyone. The Yantra which I have given here in this post is a lucky charm for those trying to progress in their jobs. The Yantra is said to smoothen the path ahead. I will explain how this Yantra can be prepared at home and used for the purpose mentioned above.

Mantra to get plenty of Food

Food is the primary and basic need to survive; no food, no life , is the first and foremost basic truth of life. This has been true since the times of the first civilization of this world. The ancient Indian Sages composed many Mantras, believed to be of divine origin to ensure that there was no shortage of food to meet the basic need to survive; not only for oneself; but also the dependants, like infants and elders.

The Worship of Radha

The goddess Radha is the most important deity of the Vaishnava Sect of the Hindu religion.  Radha; also known as Radhika is the Adi Shakti ; along with Shri Krishna. Love at its most Satvik form is the base on which the foundations of this sect rest and this Love is symbolized by the timeless and eternal love between Radha and Krishna.

Evil Eye Protection Charm for Children- 3

This is the third Evil- Eye, Ghostly Entities and Black Magic Protection for Children which is being published on this site; this is in addition to the numerous Charms of general purpose; also useful to protect children. This charm does not need any infusion Puja – Vidhi and can be prepared at any time on any day and used as a protective talisman .

How to translate Alien TV Voices

Once a huge wide special TV/radio in-space effective telescope detects broadcasts from some alien planet, making translation of alien TV voices confusingly harder will be if, like us, the alien planet has several broadcast languages. It should thus help to have the efforts here of different subgroups of our volunteer translators concentrate on just subsets of selected broadcast frequencies &/or from just selected apparent times within the alien world's days, (thus each subset maybe being more for one alien language).

Exorcism Tantra using Black Rice

This is an Exorcism Tantra which makes the use of Black Rice. This Tantra is useful in removal of any fearsome and harmful Tantric Experiment done by an Aghori Tantric. The Tantra gives relief against unnatural energies which come into contact with a person, at the receiving end of a Black magic experiment .

Interesting Home Remedy for Impotence

This is home remedy given by a Hindu Sadhu for curing impotence in men. The remedy I was told increases the potency of the semen and also removes any kind of mental and psychological disorder or inferiority complex, harbored by the unfortunate  man; diagnosed as being impotent.

Yantra to Cure Diabetes

In this article I will explain how a special Indian Healing Yantra to cure Diabetes is prepared. To prepare the Yantra pick an auspicious day and in the morning after having a bath, wear clean cloths and Draw  the Yantra on a Bhojpatra or White Paper using the paste of Yaksha Kardam and a Pointed Stick of the Pomegranate Tree as the writing instrument.

Charm for Crying Children - 2

A problem concerning their child is what bothers parents, the most. Many parents experience that sometimes their child starts crying for no rhyme or reason and does not stop crying after some time. They get worried because they cannot understand what the problem could possibly be. In a previous article I have given a special charm to placate a crying child. The charm given in this post is a similar healing spell  and also works if the child is frightened of the dark and does not go to sleep, due to fright.

Mantra to remove Mental Disturbance

This is a simple and small mantra to give relief and remove each and every kind of mental disturbance and turmoil. I will in this article explain the correct procedure to practice this mantra. The mantra does not require to be mastered and hence can be put into practice immediately.

Lal Kitab Remedies

The Lal Kitab is arguably one of the most famous, talked about and popular of the Indian Paranormal texts.  The exact origin and name of the composer of the Lal Kitab is uncertain. However the remedies given in the Lal Kitab, range from astrological, marriage, money and business, exorcism, Vastu Dosh removal , health, healing and almost everything one could ask for.

Mantra for Running Nose and Sneezing

This is a Shabar Mantra to stop a running nose and sneezing. Those suffering from common cold, often have to face embarrassing situations when their nose starts flowing due to uncontrollable sneezing.  This Shabar Healing Mantra which seeks to invoke Narashima the fearsome Avatar of Vishnu in the name of Hanuman; promises to stop the running nose by way of a simple Mantra Prayog.

Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese tradition of attracting, synchronizing and harmonizing the elements which make up nature and Vastu Shastra, its Indian equivalent. Both these traditional sciences are ancient in origin and the exact dates of their origin remains unknown.

Tantric Healing with Kali Mantra

We all know that Kreem; क्रीं is the Beej Mantra of Kali Mata. This Beej is a part of a large number of Mantras of various types; to add potency to them. Today I will explain a very simple Tantric healing experiment to heal any kind disease or ailment, using the Kreem Beej. This Prayog can be tried by anyone who is a Bhakt of Kali Mata and has firm faith that Kali Mata will heal him or anyone he so wishes.

Meaning of Seeing Water in Dreams

Visualizing water in dreams is a common occurrence and most people attach some or the other meaning to it. In this post is given a compilation of meanings attributed to dreams about various kinds of water bodies and things which are associated with water in some form or the other.  However please refer to the disclaimers given in earlier posts on dream interpretation and there are a lot of other factors which determine the future of human beings.

How to Translate Alien TV Broadcasts

Detecting alien TV would of course be vastly better than just radio. TV images would allow very gradually matching alien word sounds with what some of their words appear to mean. Then finally we could begin making some sense of their speech. (And then eventually we could also begin to make some sense of alien radio from their far away world .)

Yantra for Chronic Gas in Stomach

A swollen stomach due to Gas is a very common condition faced by most people; especially in today's troubled times; which is the age of adulteration. For some people this condition is chronic and could lead to other severe and dangerous diseases. In the past few years this site has published a lot of unique health mantras of all kinds; including Vedic and Shabar to give relief to people suffering from stomach ailments. In this post a special Yantra for Chronic Gas Problems in the Stomach is being published for the first time.

Talisman for Depression and Mental Turmoil

This is a Chitta Shanti Yantra; meaning a Talisman for Mental Peace; useful for people undergoing mental turmoil and depression.  Chitta has been described in Indian Spiritualism as the fathomless unconscious mind. This unconscious mind is the source of the thoughts, memory, feeling and sensations experienced by all humans. The basic human qualities corresponding to the three Gunas; the Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik arise from this source.

Yantra Remedy for Money Problems after Marriage

In these modern times many young married couples face monetary problems of all kinds. Some are depressed by the fact that they have to live in a rented home as finances do not permit them to own one. Still others spent sleepless nights worrying that they have no savings and what will happen if they lose their jobs. Today in this post is given a Yantra Remedy for resolving money problems after marriage.

Talisman for Fear of the Unknown

The vast reservoir of Indian Yantras contains charms, amulets and talismans for almost every purpose and need. The Yantra given in this post is a talisman to remove the fear of the unknown. Many people experience that they harbor fear of some or the other kind; they do not know the reason or cause of this fear. This talisman could prove to be useful for such people.

Tantric Experiment for Blocked Progress

The Tantric Experiment given in this post is a rare Tantra using the Jalakumbhi; Water Cabbage or Water Lettuce, as it is known in English. The Jalakumbhi is an Herb which grows in water and hence the name. It also has certain specific uses in traditional Indian Medicine ; but very few know about the Tantric use which I am going to explain in this post.

Mantra - Tantra for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This is unique Health Mantra - Tantra for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Though this is a common medical condition, many a times the exact cause cannot be ascertained. A probable reason could be malfunction of the concerned body parts; resulting in them being hyper active. The Mantra seeks to calm these hyperactive nerves  and give relief to the sufferer.

Anuragini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana

The Anuragini Yakshini is said to wear red colored clothes . She always appears to be chewing a Paan. There is a Nathani  in her nose. Her arms are elongated and her fingers are long and there are no soles at the end of her feet. There is a Paan and a Mala of severed heads in each of her hands. In this post I will explain how she can be invoked by way of a Mantra Sadhana . This is an Aghori and Tamas Prayog; only for highly advanced Aghori PanthYogis.

How to Scan for Alien TV Broadcasts

Being quite wide, big radio/TV telescopes could alternatively have stuck out, on an extra far reaching frame, many Sol facing mirrors. Changing their reflection directions would slowly let the reflected weak pressure from radiation (& any jet streams from far distant Sol) slowly finely refine the orbit of such a radio/TV telescope.

Kubera Mantra to Attract Yakshinis

Kubera; apart from being the Guardian of treasure, is also the Over Lord of the Mystic Energies who are Guardians of various forces in the Universe, like the Yakshas and Yakshinis. There are some Yakshini Sadhakas who believe that worshipping and invoking Kubera first, before commencing the Yakshini Sadhana proves most beneficial and the Yakshini can be attracted.

Bhairav Sadhana for removing Harmful Energies

If you are not concentrating on your studies, job, business or domestic and social life and have lost all interest or will, in these things; or life itself, then if you are a believer in Indian Paranormal Remedies; the reason could be that you are at the receiving end of adverse astrological transits or from the Evil-Eye or you are attracting some negative and harmful energy. The Sadhana of Bhairava is said to be most beneficial is removing such harmful energies.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Business Losses

This is a Remedy from the Lal Kitab; for those troubled businessmen who experiencing continuous losses and financial setbacks in their business. This Prayog has to be performed 5 times on 5 consecutive Wednesdays.  I will explain how this Sadhana is done; the ingredients which I have given below are required for this  Lal Kitab Prayog .

Worshiping the Adi Shakti

The Shakti at the core of everything in the Universe is the Adishakti. This is the energy which creates and looks after everything in the Universe; she is also the one who destroys everything. She is Parvati, Laxmi and Saraswati; at the same time. These three Mahadevi’s are the three forms of the Adi Shakti. She is the Divine energy present in all deities which is why she is also referred to as the Tripura Sundari.

Importance of Kitchen Location in Feng Shui

The location of the Kitchen has great importance in Feng Shui because the support base of the financial position of the household depends upon the proper positioning of the Kitchen. The Kitchen should never be placed exactly in front of the Main Door because the “Chi” Energy entering from the Main Door  merges directly into the Fire Element of the Kitchen.

Sindoor Vashikaran Yantra for Husband

This is a unique Vashikaran Yantra Experiment which makes the use of Sindoor for the purposes of making a wayward husband mend his ways and come back to the wife and love her. Sindoor; Vermillion; has great significance in the Hindu Religion, as the symbol of the Marital Status of a Woman, since the Vedic Age.

Tantra Mantra to Walk Tirelessly

This is a secret Tantra Mantra to become tireless and walk throughout the day without ever tiring. Such Tantra where popular amongst the Yogi of the bygone ages when walking was the most common form of transport . The Tantra makes the use of some fearsome Tantric items and hence the Tantra falls into the Tamas Guni Category.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Nazar Dosh

Nazar Dosh; meaning one suffering from the Evil-Eye, is most common paranormal belief in India. A lot of unknown diseases and ailments as well as discomfort, fear and uneasiness are attributed to Nazar Dosh. Sometimes sudden financial losses, fights and accidents are also said to be the byproducts of Nazar Dosh .

How to Place Home Appliances in Feng Shui

Feng Shui believes that the positioning of certain commonly used home appliances and home aids affects the smooth circulation of energy throughout the house. This is the reason why it advises specific places for specific appliances. In this post are contained certain Feng Shui do’s and don’ts as regards the most common home aids and appliances.

How to Detect Alien Radio Broadcast

If wanting to find an alien planet having advancing technology, thus having major civilization, perhaps the simplest way would be to try detecting anything broadcast from there, such as TV & radio. That should likewise be the easiest way any not too far remote aliens could discover that Earth has technology now advanced into electronics (and thus most likely into many other classes of advanced developments).

Tantra to know Hidden Secrets of Others

This is an interesting Tanta to know the hidden secrets of other people which I found while browsing a secret Indian Aghori Tantric text. This Tantra appears to be the ancient and middle ages counterpart of the modern day Lie Detector Test. I the outset I would like to point out that this Tantra can only be practiced by a Siddha Aghori Tantric and not by other Sadhaks. Such Aghori Tantrics are said to have mastered the fearsome Tantra of using parts of the bodies of humans and other living beings in Aghori Prayogs .

Kanaka Yakshini Sadhana to Know the Future

The Kanaka Yakshini resembles an old woman, she has white hair, her arms are boney, she is toothless and her skin and forehead are extremely wrinkled. The length of her body keeps increasing.  The fearsome Sadhana of this Yakshini is very important for astrologers and those Aghori Sadhus and Yogis who foretell the future .

How to Position Mandarin Ducks in Feng Shui

A pair of Mandarin Ducks is a Chinese Feng Shui Charm for strong, loyal and robust relationships which are lifelong. This probably is inspired by the fact that unlike most other animal species the Mandarin Ducks stick loyally to the same partner throughout their entire life span. This is the reason why a lot of Chinese Couples prefer this Symbol in their homes to strengthen their bonds. In this post I will explain how to position the Mandarin Ducks in your home.

Tantrik Experiments using Laxmi Cowrie

The Laxmi Karak Kawadi or Laxmi Cowri is considered an important Tantric Item because it is a symbol of Laxmi and hence believed to possess certain paranormal powers. There are 5 important Tantric Prayogs conducted using the Laxmi Cowri which I have given in this post. These are like most of the Laxmi Sadhanas Satvik Experiments.

Position of Toilet in Feng Shui

The Toilet is one such place in a house, which discharges water outside the house. Water in Feng Shui is a symbol of money and that’s exactly why Feng Shui advises that the Toilets should never be positioned adjacent to the Kitchen, Store Room or the place where the Safe or Cash Box is normally kept.

Significance of Naraka Chaturdashi

Today is the auspicious day of Narak Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali; an important and significant day for devote Hindus.  This festival signifies the removal of malefic energies and thoughts form ones being and surroundings. The day is also important from the Tantra point of view, as this day marks the end of evil; symbolized by the Rakshasa Narakasura;also a son of Mother Earth.

Vashikaran Experiment using Gurmar Herb

Gudmar or Gurmar;  as it is known in Hindi,  the botanical name of which is Gymnema Sylvestre with the common English names Cowplant or Australian Cowplant,  is an Herb which is used in traditional Indian medicine. Today I will tell how it is used in the Tantra of Vashikaran for the purpose of  enchantment and attraction .