Yantra for Chronic Gas in Stomach

A swollen stomach due to Gas is a very common condition faced by most people; especially in today's troubled times; which is the age of adulteration. For some people this condition is chronic and could lead to other severe and dangerous diseases. In the past few years this site has published a lot of unique health mantras of all kinds; including Vedic and Shabar to give relief to people suffering from stomach ailments. In this post a special Yantra for Chronic Gas Problems in the Stomach is being published for the first time.

A Hindu Talisman to remove Gas from the Stomach
Yantra for Chronic Gas in Stomach

This Yantra does not require any infusion process and hence can be directly written on a Bhojpatra or a White Colored piece of paper with the paste of Ashtagandha, using a pointed writing instrument. It can be prepared on any day and does not require any Puja- Archana or Mantra Chanting.

Then it has to be put inside a Copper Locket and tied around the wrist or forearm as a Talisman to ease and remove this chronic ailment.

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