Meaning of Seeing Water in Dreams

Visualizing water in dreams is a common occurrence and most people attach some or the other meaning to it. In this post is given a compilation of meanings attributed to dreams about various kinds of water bodies and things which are associated with water in some form or the other.  However please refer to the disclaimers given in earlier posts on dream interpretation and there are a lot of other factors which determine the future of human beings.

Dream about Water  Victory over enemies, competitors and opponents is indicated.
Drinking Water in a Dream  The coming future will be bright and full of happiness.
Drowning in Water  Hardships in the near future are indicated.
Drowning in Ocean or Sea  Failure or problems in love life.
Just saved from falling in Water  Mental Problems and Wastage of Money.
Floods, Tsunamis, Ice Berg or an Ice Mountain  Promotion in employment, acquisition of Degree or Certificate in the field of knowledge. Job opportunity for the Jobless. Indication that hard times are coming to an end and happy days and progress in the coming future.
Ocean, Sea or River increasing in Size  Gaining of Wealth.
Waves  Mental turmoil and Depression.
Dirty Water  Sadness ahead.
Clean and Crystal Clear Water  Bright and Happy times ahead.
Salty Water  End of Hardships and Problems.
Eating Ice in a Dream  Trouble from enemies, opponents and competitors, danger and problems in public life.
Bathing in a Lake  Sadness will come to an end.
Dried Lake  Indication of Poverty.
Crossing a River  Indication of Good Fortune.
Swimming in Water  Indication of Good Fortune ahead.
Roaming near Water  Good News coming your way.
Ship or Boat in Water  Cheating by a friend.
Dead Body floating in Water  Danger to life, be careful in all dealings.
Idol of God in Water  Indicative of Travel and participation in Religious Ceremonies and Functions.
Dreaming about a Pond   A true and truthful friend will enter your life.
Water Fountain  Happiness.
Water- Mill   Hardship, death of someone.
Seeing a Well full of Water or removing Water from a Well  Opening up of your Fortune.
A Clean and Clear Waterfall   Participating in New Ventures, acquisition of Knowledge, success in Business, Employment. Gaining New Friends and Travel.
Ice floating over Water  Gain in Money and Wealth.

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