Paranormal Remedies for curing Rickets

Rickets is a disorder which normally occurs in infants as a result of Vitamin and Dietary deficiency; this leads to a malformation and abnormalities of the bones of the hands and feet. In this post I will speak about a couple of interesting ancient Indian Paranormal Remedies which were and are still in practice for curing Rickets.

Both these remedies make the use of animal parts and hence I have written this post only for the purpose of giving information and not to advocate its use.

Now the paranormal remedies – A tooth of a Wild Boar is tied around the neck of the person suffering from Rickets as a Pendant.

The Lips of a Mouse are inserted inside a Copper Locket and the Locket is put around the neck of person suffering from Rickets Disorder.

Any one of the two remedies given above is prescribed by Healers mostly in the remote parts of India, who still practice such remedies for curing a lot of ailments and diseases.

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