9 Lal Kitab Remedies for Cancer

After Gemini we come to the astrology sign of Cancer; Karka Rashi in Hindi. In this post are 9 selected Lal Kitab remedies; this is in fact some advice given in the text to those born under the sign Cancer. Readers can follow 1 or more of these 9 dos or don’ts; that is if they have a firm conviction that such Paranormal Remedies really work.

1] Sleep on a bed which has Copper Nails or hammer some Copper Nails into the bed.

2] Drink Milk form a glass made from Silver as this will be lucky for you.

3] Till the age of 24 years keep a Cow or Maid- Servant in your home.

4] If you are a Doctor or a Healer as far as possible give Free Medicines to your patients who are short of money.

5] Donate items connected to the Sun; Like Copper, Jaggery or Copper.

6] Always enter a Temple without wearing any kind of Footwear.

7] Actively participate in Religious Ceremonies and Rituals.

8] Take some Silver and Rice Grains from your Mother and tie it in a Whit Colored piece of cloth. Keep this bundle with you forever.

9] Burry a Silver Brick; any size under the entrance to your house.

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