Remedies for Body Pain due to Hard Work

Body pain and aches due to hard work and labour is a condition most people experience many times in their lives. Some people whose profession ensures that a lot of physical activity is involved are more prone to this condition for obvious reasons. Most over the counter painkillers if consumed over a period of time give rise to side effects and addiction and the system becomes immune to them and they prove to be useless.

Indian traditional Medicine has prescribed a lot of remedies to reduce the body pain after a day of hard physical labour; I have picked up only the safest of these; the ones with zero side effects. If you are one of those experiencing this condition regularly you can try these harmless remedies.

1] In a cup of Milk mix a teaspoon of Pure Ghee [Clarified Butter] and drink it twice a day. Both the Milk and Clarified Butter should be of a Cow.

2] If there is a lot of pain in the stomach, mix a teaspoon of Ajwain [Carom Seeds] in a glass of warm water and then drink that water.

The first remedy is the one which you should practice. The second one is optional and needs to be tried only if you are experiencing severe stomach pain.

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