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Simple Remedies for Stomach Worms

Intestinal Parasites affect everyone; those who take care of their bodies manage to remove them at regular intervals; before they start becoming harmful. In a previous post I had given an interesting Indian remedy to get rid of these worms – the post can be read - Here. In this post, I am giving some more remedies; using common every day ingredients. Anyone of these home remedies can be tried, if one so wishes.

Take a small cup of Moong Dal [Green Gram] and add approximately 3 to 4 table spoons of the juice of the Karela [Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd] to it. Mix thoroughly and consume.

Boil a small cup of Moong Dal in water, till cooked. Then filter it to drain the water. Add 3 to 4 table spoons of the juice of the Papaya to the drained Water and mix; then consume.

The juices of Wheat Grass and Bathua [Lamb’s Quarters] in equal measure are mixed together to prepare 1 small cup liquid. This liquid is said to give excellent results in ridding the intestines of parasites.

Remember consuming stale and under cooked food; especially meat is the most common cause of intestinal worms; avoid it.

Note – Though harmless and known to be effective; kindly note that I have not given these remedies to replace any medical treatment anyone might be undergoing.

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