Devi Mantra for Meditation

This is a Devi Mantra for Meditation. This Mantra is for the developed Sadhaks; those with higher spiritual leanings. Many times it is seen that while being engaged in higher meditation upon any deity, the Sadhak experiences certain thoughts and mental images about that deity, fleeting through his mind. This makes his mind go astray and he unconsciously starts dwelling on these thought; while still meditating upon the mantra. This defeats the very purpose of the meditation.

The meaning of the mantra given here, which is for the Sadhaks engaged in Shakti Meditation is “I pray to the Goddess; the One whose form can never be known” The vibrations of the mantra start taking effect after the 700,000 mark has been reached. The Sadhak must not use any counting Mala and attempt to count the number of chants.

The Sadhak must not harbor any expectations in his mind about any material reward or benefits; other than that of seeking and knowing the unknown. A little reminder; the unknown it that, which you do not know about, so how can you think about it; it is beyond thoughts; thoughtlessness.

A Mantra to meditate upon the formless Goddess
Devi Mantra for Meditation

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