Purifying the house of negative energies

Sea Salt; also known as Sendha Namak or Kala Namak in the Hindi Language; is normally associated with cooking or some skin or beautifying therapies. Today I will tell you about its use in cleansing and purifying the house of incoming or dormant negative energies. This is a most simple do it yourself paranormal remedy; still in practice in India; the practitioners who prescribe it vouch for its effectiveness.

There are basically 3 kinds of experiments conducted with the Sea Salt; which I have given below-

The Sea Salt is mixed and dissolved in the water, used for cleaning the flooring of the house and the floors of all the rooms are cleaned with this water.

The crystals of Sea Salt are sprinkled all over the house at night and are wiped away in the morning.

To purify the energy present in the toilets and bathrooms; Sea Salt is kept in a small bowl. The Salt in the bowl is normally replaced every month.

These house purifying remedies can be easily practiced by those of you; who have faith in the effectiveness of Indian paranormal remedies.

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  1. sir namaskar. i am a regular reader of your articles and tips that you provide daily.i have a few queries and hope that you will reply through your article/s. in one of your article to remove LIZARD/S from house you had given a Mantra. i want to know with what the mantra should be written-pencil/ink/roli{used in pooja}? should it be written directly on the wall/on the paper and then stuck on the wall.Secondly, in this article "Purifying The House Of Negative Energies" to remove NEGATIVE ENERGIES from the house i use common salt lumps{desi namak} throw in the bathroom drain.Now i want to know what does this indicate and secondly i am also mopping my rooms with it from last 3 yrs. but still there is no change, the tensions ,clashes still exist.Pl. help to get rid of negativity not only from house but also from the lives of my family members.Thanks.

    1. The Mantra to remove Lizards is preferably written with a little bit of coal.
      Along with this you can throw a little bit of salt out of your house at dusk time to remove negative energies.

  2. Sir will salt bath regularly help to remove negative energy and should the salt kept in a bowl in toilet be used for bath should the head be also rinsed with the same

    1. Yes, salt has to be put in the bath water and full body bath should be taken.

  3. I am pavitra, from Mumbai, iI have Intense dark circles around my eyes, both on lower and upper eye lids, its more black and dense on upper eye lids, I tried ayurveda, homeopathy and even allopathy, but all was of no use, is there any way thought wic my dark circles can be removed. Hope for some solution to my problem... Thank you..


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