How to Position the 3 legged Toad

The 3 legged Frog is one of Feng Shui’s most celebrated Chinese money charms. This 3 legged toad, which holds a coin in its mouth, is a symbol of money entering the home or workplace. This charm is symbol of attracting and protecting money and beneficial money tips and information coming your way.

The positioning of this charm is of great importance; like most of the Chinese charms to attract the best possible incoming energy. I have given here in this post how to position the 3 legged frog to attract and circulate the best possible incoming energy for the purposes of money accumulation into the house or office.

The 3 legged toad is best kept in the vicinity of the main door with its head facing inwards as if he is bringing with him money into the house. Also keep in mind that the toad should never be kept in a direction where the head faces the main door or a window; this is indicative of the money flowing out of the home or workplace.

Also keep in mind that it is considered inauspicious to keep it in the kitchen or in the bathroom as this brings misfortune and poverty to the household or business. Likewise never keep it hidden or covered under a sofa, bed or a table.

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  1. I live in a flat in which the main door is facing the balcony. Is it still fine to place my toad adjacent to the main door, or can u suggest another alternative?

    1. Adjacent with head facing inwards.The balcony should not matter.

  2. Also one thing I would like to mention to the readers.....

    The eyes or any other part of the idol should be red in colour. If it is then it is fine to place it as written above, or else if it is not, then the idol should be placed on a red piece of cloth, or something in red should be placed over it to activate it.

  3. I have just bougt a three legged money frog and I wish to keep it in my office. There are two entrances to my office. One is to the right of my sitting place while the other is in front of my sitting place. Kindly suggest where should I keep this frog and can I keep it on my table or not

    1. The toad can be kept near any of the entrances with its head facing inwards into the room.
      You can keep it on your table with its head facing inwards and not facing any of the entrances.

    2. Dear Neel,
      Thank you for your reply. Kindly further suggest me if I can keep the frog under the screen of my computer system facing towards me

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    hoping to hear from you soon.



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