Enchantment Mantra

This is the Enchantment Mantra; a Mantra said to enchant everyone; male, female or animal; whom you come across in the course of the day. This is general spell to make the practitioner; enchanting in the eyes all those who behold him or her.

The Mastery over the Mantra in gained by chanting it 125,000 times in a matter of a few days. The Siddhi Prayoga can be commenced on any auspicious day; like a Hindu festive; like Sankranti, Basant Panchami, Holi, Navratri, Vijaya Dashmi or Diwali; this is that period when the vibratory frequencies are at their most harmonious levels.

Purity and cleanliness is essential to those who wish to practice this Sadhana. After gaining Siddhi; the Sadhaka has to have a bath, wear clean clothes, face the East and chant the Mantra 108 times; on the day on which he wishes to put it to practical use.

The Saadhaka must not harbor or dwell on any pre mediated notions; expectation or hopes while chanting this mantra as it is considered to be a most powerful general attraction spell for all purposes. The Mantra will give Satvik or Tamsik after effects; depending upon the purpose, the Sadhaka utilises it for,

A  most powerful Hindu Enchantment Spell
Enchantment Mantra

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  1. can u please find out a mantra for making my body taller and bigger all over i know it can be done....madalasya vidya....plz help me ...i have hopes and aspirations from you.....thanx for all th eefforts you have put in for making this iste.....god bless you!!!

  2. guruji Pranam,

    Can I knows that this mantra belongs to which diety or god.
    by the way RUDRAYA belongs to LORD SHIVA & LORD HANUMAN


    1. This is a general Vashikaran Mantra and not dedicated to any specific deity.

    2. But why is there Bhagawate and Rudraaya in the mantra text? Doesn't this suggest that the mantra deity is Lord Rudra??

    3. @armando Lynn. same question was mine.

    4. Many Mantra make the use of these terms, they can refer to more than one deities, so we do not dedicate the Mantra to any particular deity.

  3. Namaste Neel ji,
    Morning one can chant 108 times but how to use it practically. Do i have to keep chanting 108 times in front of person , if i want to make it work.. plz guide.

  4. Ain't this the same touch Vashikaran mantra with gorochan paste? 😞


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