Yantra for Respect and Honor

Every person longs for respect and honor in life; be it in the family, the office or the social circle. The Yantra which I have given in this post is specific for that very purpose; it is a Yantra for getting respect and honor.

The Yantra has to be drawn on a Leaf of the Peepal tree, with Ashtagandha paste; and written with a stick of the Tulsi plant. Then after drawing it; it has to be energized by offering it Dhoop, Deep and Scented Flowers.

Then it has to be inserted in a locket made from gold and tied as a good luck charm around the right forearm or wrist. This the Tantra says gets the people wearing it respect and honor. It can also be used for raising your worth and esteem in the eyes of powerful and influential people.

The Yantra as you can see uses the Shreem and Hreem Beej Mantras. You can write the figures; if you so wish, in Hindi.

Hindu Occult Yantra for Respect and Honor
Yantra for Respect and Honor

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  1. is it compulsory to wear it in a gold locket or silver or any other type of lockets will do.

    1. Gold is the recommended metal. However you can try Silver, Copper or Pure Steel as an alternative.

  2. Peepal leaf is bound to crack and may later on disintegrate into parts , inside the locket, after sometime. In this situation, shall we get the positive results or not.

    1. The information is as per the Tantra, so positive results can be gained.

  3. The writing of Ashtagandha paste when dry, cracks and falls into the leaf when folding it to put in the locket. Which means some parts of the numbers falls off. Will positive results still be gained even though this happens?

    1. Some of the paste falling off is ok, however try making a slightly watery paste and let it dry.


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