Is Narendra Modi a Man of Destiny?

Is Narendra Modi a Man of Destiny?
Are much bigger things in store for him?
Is he the agent of change for India?
Will he succeed?

Most interesting questions, I have been studying the life and times of Modi for some time now. A man from the most humble beginnings; no caste base; in the caste ridden Indian Political System. Modi was born in a virtually unknown backward caste; most people do not even know which caste he is from; unthinkable in political India.

No public figure in independent India has evoked such extreme reactions, as Narendra Modi does. For some the name is sufficient to let off a string of abuses; for others he is an agent of change. Is this the doing of Destiny? put the limelight on Modi. There is a move afoot to implicate him in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case which took place 9 years back; more limelight.

The political situation in India has reached the stage of no return. A society fragmented by the “thrivers” into vote banks of caste, region and religion. If there is no change, the entire house will come down like a termite ridden tree. India needs change and now and for it to happen there has to be someone to trigger off that change.

The enslaved politicians are the biggest hindrances in the way of change. There is a section of Indian society which has thrived and prospered from the misery heaped upon the common man; this includes the politicians; including the ones from Modi’s; party.

At this moment of time and in the near future, Modi appears to be the only trigger. The Kejriwal Movement has a long way to go; they will be a force to reckon with after the change has been triggered off by Modi.

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